30 Mar 2021

Jehna @ Hilary Miles Flowers

i. I work as a Florist /owner operator of my own shop. . ii. I do this creative work because: I do this creative work because I could never see myself working in an office situation, never wanted to work for a big company with hundreds of employees and could never

19 Mar 2021

Sun Xun

“Art keeps people curious.” So says artist Sun Xun in a Guggenheim Museum video focused on his Mythological Time exhibit. “It provides you with the possibility to subvert a preexisting social order, in a relatively gentle way. While much of my work indeed has a lot to do with history,

09 Mar 2021

Jamie Evrard 2021

A perfect day in June. That’s the name of the beautifully introspective painting below.  ‘A Perfect Day in June.’ There are perfect days in June, and perfect days in June of 2020. We’re coming up on a year that has been anything but perfect: ‘A Wilderness Year,’ as Jamie Evrard

07 Mar 2021

Over The Moon With Guo Pei

Have you seen ‘Over the Moon’? This striking Netflix film – animated by Vancouver’s Sony Pictures Imageworks – was inspired by the Harvest Moon Festival and the legend of Moon Goddess Chang’e. ‘Fueled with determination and a passion for science, a bright young girl’ –  Fei Fei, played by Cathy

21 Feb 2021

Tiffany Blaise

i. I work as a landscape painter  ii. I do this creative work because: I find it to be a very rewarding means of personal expression. It’s so gratifying to create something out of nothing and I can’t imagine not creating.  iii. A ‘typical’ day for me in the pandemic involves:

19 Feb 2021

Paula Barrantes

i. I work as a visual artist focusing on botanical art. ii. I do this creative work because: It allows me to feed my curiosity for the natural world and share my love for it with others. iii. A ‘typical’ day for me in the pandemic involves: I start the

16 Feb 2021

Martin Klimas

‘Flawlessly arranged flower vases are shot by steel bullets and captured at the moment of their destruction. When hit by the projectiles, glass vases shatter, and ceramic and stoneware vases burst into large fragments.’ Fine art photographer Martin Klimas – based in Dusseldorf, Germany – is describing works from his

02 Feb 2021

Rachel McKinley

i. I work as a Master Chocolatier for Purdys Chocolatier and an independent Confectionery Consultant. ii. I do this creative work because: Feeding people delicious things is one of the most fulfilling, joy inducing acts a human has to give. iii. A ‘typical’ day for me in the pandemic involves:

31 Jan 2021

Drew Burnham 2021

2 minutes and 30 seconds. That’s how long it took for Drew Burnham’s latest Toronto exhibit,  IV Paintings, to sell out this year. This may be a regular occurrence but – as this remarkable North Van-based artist told us during his last Toronto exhibit in 2017 – it’s always a

22 Jan 2021

Michael Robert Bock

i. I work as an Artist and Production Designer ii. I do this creative work because: I have no choice in the matter. I romanticize working a more stable career path. My heart and my hands won’t let me. iii. A ‘typical’ day for me in the pandemic involves: Wake up