04 Jul 2022

Henry Mah. Parts Of A City

i. I am an: Art based Photographer ii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: Trust your own vision and stay patient. iii. The name and date of my current exhibit/show is: ‘Parts of a City’. Opening is at Mónica Reyes Gallery, 602 E. Hastings Street.

21 Jun 2022

Sonny Tags Emily

In honour of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we are looking back at a particular striking exhibit by Sonny Assu at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Assu is currently represented by Equinox Gallery: Sonny Assu @ Equinox Gallery . ‘It was, like, a super long time ago that ppl were here, right?’

20 Jun 2022

Something Rotten. Kamyar Pazendeh @ TUTS

i. My name: Kamyar Pazandeh . ii. I am an: Actor and Singer . iii. Other ways I would describe myself: I am someone who enjoys a good challenge, whether it’s diagnosing why a pc keeps restarting, building a driftwood fence, or learning a new nocturne on the piano. .

16 Jun 2022

We Will Rock You. Jessica Spenst @ TUTS

i. My name: Jessica Spenst ii. I am a: Musical theatre performer based in Vancouver on the unceded traditional territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. iii. Other ways I would describe myself: Neuro-divergent performer/human and a member of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community. Some career highlights for me so far:

12 Jun 2022

Elliott Ramsey. Ghosts of the Machine

i. My name: Elliott Ramsey ii. My art-related career: Curator, The Polygon Gallery iii. The name of our upcoming exhibit is: Ghosts of the Machine iv. Its location: The Polygon Gallery at 101 Carrie Cates Ct, North Vancouver v. The exhibit runs from: Now through August 14, 2022 vi. My role in the

31 May 2022

Golda Schultz + Jonathan Ware @ VRS

Come June 14th, two exciting, much-acclaimed international musicians will be coming to the Vancouver Playhouse to perform with the Vancouver Recital Society: Soprano Golda Schultz, and Pianist Jonathan Ware. After training at Julliard and Bayerische Staatsoper’s Opernstudio,  Schultz has gone on to perform across the world – from the Metropolitan

27 May 2022

Peggy Lee

i. My name:  Peggy Lee ii. I am a:  Musician iii. Other ways I would describe myself:  Cellist, composer, improvisor iv. A day in my artistic life looks like: These days I’ll usually begin by playing low long tones against open string drones to bring my ears, hands and instrument

25 May 2022

Curating Xicanx: Dreamers + Changemakers.

i. My Name: Jill Baird ii. My art-related Career: Curator Museum of Anthropology at UBC iii. The name of our upcoming exhibit is:  Xicanx: Dreamers + Changemakers /Soñadores + creadores del cambio iv. Its location: Museum of Anthropology at UBC v. The exhibit runs from: May 12, 2022 til January

19 May 2022

Missy D

i. My name is Missy D. ii. I am a: Hip Hop, Rap & Soul artist based in Vancouver on the land of the Squamish, Tsleil-Wautuh and Musqueam peoples. iii. Other ways I would describe myself: I’m also a creative, a part-time interviewer with a show on IG and YouTube called

13 May 2022

True To Place: stímetstexw tel xéltel

Starting June 15th, 2022, you’ll be able to see the most extensive exhibit of paintings ever mounted at Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art. ‘True To Place: stímetstexw tel xéltel’ was curated by Xémontalót Carrielynn Victor (Stó:lō), an artist and muralist. This striking exhibit involves 10 Northwest Coast Indigenous