15 Nov 2016

Judd Palmer

Look into the faces of the creatures who find life in the hands of Peter Balkwill, Steve Pityu Kenderes and Judd Palmer. Piercing puppet eyes rest on weary wooden faces. There will be an adventure, but the worst is yet to come. Balkwill, Kenderes and Palmer are the masterly artists behind The Old

15 Nov 2016

Are Puppets Creepy?

Are you wary of puppets? Even those who do not have pupaphobia – a phobia of puppets and marionettes – may be reluctant to share a room with wooden friends. Are puppets creepy? The talented Judd Palmer – artist, co-founder of The Old Trout Puppet Workshop and subject of our Creators Vancouver

13 Nov 2016

Heather Ross Q/A

Chances are good you have seen some of Heather Ross’ work. She is an artist, photographer, founder of a boutique at 6th and Fir, stylist and author of The Natural Eclectic, a beatiful book that has been featured in magazines from House & Home to Martha Stewart Living. We asked

04 Nov 2016

Claudia Schulz

“Hello!” “Hello!” “Do you like my hat?” “I do not.” As children, many of us could appreciate PD Eastman’s dogs and their hat chats. One so hat-proud, the other so forthright and hat-picky. And who was he to deliver judgment on her fabulous hats? Claudia Schulz was one child who would

01 Nov 2016

W3 Whee

Hurray! We are thrilled that Creators Vancouver has won Silver in the W3 awards for Copy or Writing. The W3 Awards are designed to ‘honor creative excellence on the web.’ They are put on by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts and received over 5,000 entries this year. ‘We’d

28 Oct 2016

Holly Cruise

There is molten glass, fire and human hands. No wonder people stop and stare. From out of the flames, hot art appears. “It’s not dangerous,” glass artist Holly Cruise insists, “if you’re careful and well-trained. Of course, it is fire and molten glass, so sometimes things break and you burn

21 Oct 2016

Gordon Smith

“I paint everyday. I paint for about six hours everyday: Sunday, Christmas, everyday.” Renowned Canadian painter Gordon Smith is not only still working, he is experimenting with new techniques and re-inventing genres. “It’s just a way of life; it’s not work. I dream about my painting, I think about them.

18 Oct 2016

Sam Cave

We were running down Railspur Alley, a little late to a meeting on an officeboat. (What an entirely Vancouver sentence 🙈) But, we had to pause to listen to a busker who caught our attention: Sam Cave. Cave was singing one of his own songs and playing some great guitar. How

16 Oct 2016

I Heart

“My dream,” Vancouver street artist I ♥ says, “is pretty well to just travel around and put up my pieces.” He is doing just that. As you see in our feature image, we happened upon  I ♥‘s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop man when we were in Soho. It was a whole new meaning for

04 Oct 2016

Laurent Craste

When most of us see a classical decorative vase from Europe, we think of crumbly mansions, royal tea parties and precarious museum exhibits. When Laurent Craste sees a classical decorative vase from Europe, he thinks of axes, icepicks, nooses and baseball bats. What did porcelain ever do to this Montreal-based