24 Feb 2017

Jamie Evrard Q/A

From March 4th to 18th, the Bau-Xi Gallery will be mounting Jamie Evrard’s gorgeous new show: Restless Spring. “It’s a continuation of my exploration of flowers,” says Evrard,  “but they’ve gone more abstract. I’m working from photographs I took in a woman’s peony garden in Italy. They are just so blousy.” “The

14 Feb 2017

Aristotle + Admiral’s Hearts

If there is one person who would appreciate our love of Valentine’s Day hearts, it’s Aristotle. ‘The seat of the soul and the control of voluntary movement – in fact, of nervous functions in general – are to be sought in the heart,’ said he. ‘ The brain is an

07 Feb 2017

Jennifer Harwood

They have no faces, yet there is an intimacy in Jennifer Harwood’s dancer paintings. As it turns out, this Vancouver artist has a background as a professional dancer. “I feel I can identify with the emotional response of the body poses. I have actually mimicked the pose to get the

31 Jan 2017

Kaori Kasai

Ten years ago, Kaori Kasai was at an artistic transition point. “I had a time of struggle. I always do. All artists have thinking times.” She was trying to puzzle her way through. “I kept thinking and thinking.” Days into the grappling, an image popped into Kao’s head. “A little

24 Jan 2017

Hélène Bourget

“I do believe that there is an energy in handmade objects,” says jewellery artist Hélène Bourget. “The cookie-cutter, mass-produced items don’t have the soul that hand-produced items do.” Bourget puts great thought and soul into the jewels she creates for clients. “You are creating a piece that is significant to

17 Jan 2017

Brad Hill

Carastan Malt. Caramunich Malt. Vienna Malt. Crystal Malt. ‘Crush all dark malts into a decoction kettle.’ ‘Crush pale malts into a main mash tun.’ ‘Sparge the mash gently.’ Any recipe that includes seven types of malt and the word ‘sparge’ deserves our full attention. We come to this recipe for

15 Jan 2017

40 Vancouver Artists

This year, with Vancouver Special, the Vancouver Art Gallery is re-introducing its exhibition of local, contemporary artists. Every three years, they will select a group of Vancouver artists, many of whom are emerging. For the 2016 exhibition, Ambivalent Pleasures, Co-curators Daina Augaitis and Jesse McKee visited ninety studios and galleries in order

06 Jan 2017

Mandy Lau

If you spy Mandy Lau creating a portrait, you might be struck by the time she dedicates to getting the details right – pencil in hand, studying the face, capturing the angles. If you spy Mandy Lau at a live fashion illustration event, you will definitely be struck by how quickly

23 Dec 2016

Julie Mackinnon

Grandma’s kitchen was a happy place for little Julie Mackinnon. “My Grandmothers’ kitchens were a place for baking and beauty. Mixing batter in colourful stacking Pyrex dishes, licking the cream from the beaters and having hot cocoa in Melmac mugs on a gingham tablecloth.  Lemon yellows and bright greens. Warm hugs

06 Dec 2016

Cecilia’s Window

Mum and Dad grew up more than 5,300 kilometres apart. Mum and her six siblings spent their childhoods in the green countryside of  Jamaica. Meanwhile, young Dad and his brother Richard could ride their bikes down to the beach from their home on 3331 Point Grey Road, right here in