12 Apr 2016

Yaletown String Quartet

When it comes to arranging the most symbolic days in life – weddings, baptisms, coming of age rituals, anniversaries – it is reassuring to know that you can find local talent to help you create the day you are seeking. In Vancouver, we are lucky to have so many skilled artists

05 Apr 2016

Webby Award Honoree

We are smiling from ear to here.  This morning, we heard the exciting news that Creators Vancouver has been named an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards. And – delirious happy dance – we are in the same category as Official Nominee Wynton Marsalis’ Jazz at Lincoln Centre…  Pauses to count the

05 Apr 2016

Paul Morstad

Whales, bloodhounds, eagles, snakes, Hourglass Dolphins, Red River hogs. In Paul Morstad’s art, animals reign, even when they are paired with interesting historical figures like Joseph Campbell, Johann Strauss, Jacques Cousteau or Claude Monet. The animals in Morstad’s paintings dwarf their neighbour humans in size, action or group purpose. Marc Chagall

22 Mar 2016

Emily Cooper

Emily Cooper has been working the Vancouver art scene since she was a baby. She would trail behind her father – noted photographer David Cooper – as he went from gig to gig. One of his regular subjects was the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and, after awhile, David and Prima Ballerina

08 Mar 2016

Ilya Viryachev

He started last November. If your daily travels take you to the west side of 8th and Main, you might have seen Ilya Viryachev. He was in the alleyway, evenings and weekends, rain or shine, painting a giant mural. “It is always daunting to be looking at the blank wall,” says Viryachev,

01 Mar 2016

The Special Agent

There has been a lot of talk about the X-Files over the last few months in Vancouver. Season 10, like the seasons before it, was filmed here. Resuscitated fans have been scanning the city for Mulder, Scully and new plot clues. FBI Special Agent Monica Reyes has been a hot topic. The

23 Feb 2016

Laura Widgett

We first saw Laura Widgett at Chor Leoni’s At Home, a fundraiser held in a home of all homes: Vancouver’s Casa Mia. Erick Lichte had already led his male lions through an ever-brilliant performance. MC Fred Lee had instructed all of the attendees to grab their drinks and gather close. We

16 Feb 2016

Tanja Gardner

If there is a free-roam chicken in your living room, chances are that Tanja Gardner knows something about it. Over her successful career as an artist, Gardner has gone deep on a number of subjects. One of her most celebrated forays? Chickens. “I have painted a lot of chicken paintings,” nods

09 Feb 2016

Stefano Piccone

Before 3D glasses, 4D movies and Oculus Rift, we had trompe l’oeil. Trompe l’oeil is  defined by the Louvre Museum as: ‘a technique of painting or decorating which uses various artistic means to create the illusion of real three-dimensional objects or scenes.’ The 5th Century BC Greek painter Zeuxis was a

02 Feb 2016

Beatrix Shuttleworth

Here, at Creators Vancouver, we spend much of the time in our city, looking for cool people making cool things. But, when the travel bug bites, we need to explore the creative offerings in other towns. When you glimpse Beatrix Shuttleworth’s picture at the bottom of an article, it means that we are looking for creative