21 Aug 2016

Touring The Murals

Who are the artists behind all of these new murals? Why and how did they paint what they did? To learn more about the magic behind the murals, we signed up for a walking tour of the Vancouver Mural Festival. For a tour guide, we were lucky to get Pennylane

12 Aug 2016

Melissa Nkomo Q/A

Melissa Nkomo is a local artisan and entrepreneur who created Kunye, a line of small batch, toxin-free skincare products from natural plant ingredients. Here are some of her favourite things around the city. 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. The Mountains 2. Best place for people watching.

09 Aug 2016

Outside @ The Bau-Xi

‘I don’t really have a death wish,’ says artist Lori Nix, ‘it just seems that way.’ For the past eight years, Nix explains, her photographs have focused on fictional landscapes after something dire has happened. ‘An aquarium after a flood, a church after a fire, a beauty parlor after…who knows what. Mankind

02 Aug 2016

Janice Wu

Right now, as we speak, Janice Wu is getting ready for her first art fair. This talented young artist will be exhibiting in the Seattle Art Fair with a select group from Monica Reyes’ Vancouver-based Back Gallery Project. Come Sunday, Wu will be driving down to Seattle with her husband and

26 Jul 2016

Kevin Clark Q/A

Kevin Clark is a talented local photographer whose areas of focus include portraits, landscapes, urban scenes and delectable food. 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. Gastown and Downtown Eastside. 2. Best place for people watching. Robson Street and Main Street. 3. Someone from Vancouver –

19 Jul 2016

Leo Zuckerman Q/A

Leo Zuckerman is an up and coming filmmaker who is already amassing awards and international interest. 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. The seawall, especially when the weather is dramatic. 2. Best place for people watching. The seawall. 3. Someone from Vancouver – alive or

19 Jul 2016

Anne Carson Q/A

Jeweller Anne Carson was our first profile on Creators Vancouver. Now, she is first in our Q/A series. We will ask Vancouver creators – some of whom we have profiled – to answer 10 questions.  Over to Anne! 1. Specific place I go in Vancouver to be creatively inspired. The galleries on

05 Jul 2016

Joanna Lovett

Did Queen Elizabeth I have you in her good books? You would have reason to be optimistic if she gifted you with a locket concealing portraits painted by Nicholas Hilliard, her miniaturist. Sir Frances Drake and Sir Thomas Heneage were two lucky recipients. Queen Elizabeth I did not venture out without

03 Jul 2016

Bill Cunningham

I think I glimpsed him in New York. A few years ago, way off in the distance, an older man in blue, beetling down the street on his bike. Well, the evidence couldn’t be flimsier, but I like to think it was Bill Cunningham. Like so many others, I admired

28 Jun 2016

Natalia Solis-Vermette

Though she had a solid government job, Natalia Solis-Vermette was restless. For years, she had dreamed of becoming an event planner. “Alas, I continued on with my desk job,” says Natalia, “surrounded by grey walls each day, all the while wishing I had the courage to start my own events company.”