16 Oct 2016

I Heart

“My dream,” Vancouver street artist I ♥ says, “is pretty well to just travel around and put up my pieces.” He is doing just that. As you see in our feature image, we happened upon  I ♥‘s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop man when we were in Soho. It was a whole new meaning for

04 Oct 2016

Laurent Craste

When most of us see a classical decorative vase from Europe, we think of crumbly mansions, royal tea parties and precarious museum exhibits. When Laurent Craste sees a classical decorative vase from Europe, he thinks of axes, icepicks, nooses and baseball bats. What did porcelain ever do to this Montreal-based

30 Sep 2016

Monica Reyes Q/A

Monica Reyes is a vibrant figure in the Vancouver arts community. As Founder of Back Gallery Project, she is a passionate advocate for her artists, some of whom you will see represented below. Reyes and a talented group from her gallery attracted much attention at the Seattle Art Fair this year. Reyes is also

25 Sep 2016

Douglas, Jungen, Magor + Wall

They have been filming quietly around town: Hogan’s Alley, The Sea Wall, East Cordova, up to the Okanagan, back down to Kits Point. Curiosity has been surging and now, finally, the release date is here. PBS has just screened the Vancouver episode of their Peabody-award winning series: Art in the Twenty-First Century. “Art 21,” says narrator Claire

18 Sep 2016

Lincoln Heller

When Lincoln Heller started his fiveleft leather design business, he was working with an antique, hand-cranked sewing machine. There were no motors or fancy foot pedals to ease his toil. Heller would get a grip on the machine, gather his strength, haul down on the crank, and be rewarded with…one

13 Sep 2016

David Cooper

Photographing dance is notoriously difficult. To excel, the photographer must have precision timing and an eye for the moment. An intuitive understanding of music and choreography is key. And, if the camera is focused specifically on ballet, then its operator must appreciate the fight for perfection. Ballet dancers, and their knowledgeable

06 Sep 2016

Emily Carr +

‘I had an interesting French Artist to see me this summer,’ Canada’s renowed painter, Emily Carr, wrote in a 1939 note to John Davis Hatch, the Director of the Albany Institute of History and Art. ‘Wolfstang Paalen he was a surrealeast. they, he wife & friend were in Vic for

06 Sep 2016

Wolfgang Paalen

When the Austrian-born Wolfgang Paalen traveled to visit Emily Carr in Victoria, he was accompanied by his wife, Alice Rahon – the ‘poetess’ as Carr called her – and Eva Sulzer, who famously took photographs of the journey. The trio had traveled across Canada by train and by boat, trying to

04 Sep 2016

Paul Morstad Q/A

Paul Morstad is a Vancouver painter and illustrator who likes to blend the natural sciences, history and magic realism in his work. His next show will be Planetoids, Asteroids, Humanoids at Gallery Jones, running November 2nd – 26th, 2016. The opening will be on Saturday, November 4th from 2-6pm. How does Morstad spend his time

30 Aug 2016

Captain Fantastic

When you hear the words ‘Captain Fantastic,’ who or what comes to mind? a) That’s private b) Viggo Mortensen c) A Chris Evans movie-mashup d) Model 1062 e) Elton John If you answered ‘d,’ you know your pinball and you are in luck. The Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy pinball