23 Feb 2016

Laura Widgett

We first saw Laura Widgett at Chor Leoni’s At Home, a fundraiser held in a home of all homes: Vancouver’s Casa Mia. Erick Lichte had already led his male lions through an ever-brilliant performance. MC Fred Lee had instructed all of the attendees to grab their drinks and gather close. We

16 Feb 2016

Tanja Gardner

If there is a free-roam chicken in your living room, chances are that Tanja Gardner knows something about it. Over her successful career as an artist, Gardner has gone deep on a number of subjects. One of her most celebrated forays? Chickens. “I have painted a lot of chicken paintings,” nods

09 Feb 2016

Stefano Piccone

Before 3D glasses, 4D movies and Oculus Rift, we had trompe l’oeil. Trompe l’oeil is  defined by the Louvre Museum as: ‘a technique of painting or decorating which uses various artistic means to create the illusion of real three-dimensional objects or scenes.’ The 5th Century BC Greek painter Zeuxis was a

02 Feb 2016

Beatrix Shuttleworth

Here, at Creators Vancouver, we spend much of the time in our city, looking for cool people making cool things. The intrepid Beatrix encourages us to seek out the unusual. If you recognize the Shuttleworth style, it is because we commissioned Dianna Bonder – profiled this week  – to paint our Beatrix.

31 Jan 2016

Dianna Bonder

Helen had a head of hair piled high as it would go. She held it with some hairpins and tied it with a bow. Perhaps you are one of the kids or parents who have spent hours staring and re-staring at Dianna Bonder’s children’s books. Admiring the weird and whimsical

24 Jan 2016

Margarita Dittborn

Margarita Dittborn’s striking work has been exhibited around the world: from Spain to Shanghai, Basel to Dubai, Paris to Guanajuato. In 2008, she won the Critics Circle Award for her first solo show, Sick of Love, in her native Chile. Dittborn was also chosen as one of Phaidon’s top young

15 Jan 2016


When you chat with professional creators, you hear some common themes: 1) It can get lonely spending so much time working on your own. 2) Finding new customers is tough. 3) Retail spaces are expensive and managing them is enormously time-consuming. Architect Tina Dhillon and Interior Designer Brooke Hatfield have a

06 Jan 2016

Leonardo’s To Do List

When it comes to polymath genius innovators, it is hard to beat Leonardo da Vinci. He died on May 2, 1519, yet people stake out his exhibits and push in front of his paintings like newly converted groupies. Here in Vancouver, we experienced the da Vinci devotion at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s

03 Jan 2016

Allison Lau

You might see her early mornings on the bus, making that long journey to school. She is not sleeping, studying or getting lost in her playlist. As Allison Lau makes her way to university, she knits. And knits. “My commute is quite long, so I get a solid amount of

27 Dec 2015

Cash And Rags

Triple Chocolate Threat, Bee Sting, Canadian Whiskey Bacon, Salted Caramel. These are just some of the donut flavours that inspire Vancouverites to get up at 7 am and head down to Cartems. Since their 2012 opening on West Pender, this local Donuterie has consistently found itself on Vancouver’s Best Donuts