10 Jun 2016

The Vintage Window Dressers

It takes a mighty interesting shop window to catch the attention of passersby. A+ to those window dressers who inspire busy commuters to stop, tune out the street ruckus and take in their tableaus. The best-known window dresser is probably the outspoken Simon Doonan who, for years, designed the windows

05 Jun 2016

Gregory Porter @ Coastal Jazz

Jazz clubs have a tough go in Vancouver. The Cellar, The Smiling Buddha, The Harlem Nocturne, Flat Five, The Cave, Isy’s – all gone. Thankfully, the Vancouver International Jazz Festival has run annually since the summer of 1986, giving local and visiting jazz lovers a hit. This year, the Festival is on from

31 May 2016

Amy Hu

The sun is more reliably out, Vancouverites are walking the streets in packs and the flowers are on brilliant display. Be they bedding in gardens, fronting shops or glamping in bouquets, our flowers are in glorious bloom. Which flowers are people clamouring for these days? Amy Hu, owner and floral designer at

10 May 2016

Bob Mankoff

Bob Mankoff was telling us about his visit to the cardiologist. He was “strapped to the machines” – lines in, lights flashing. “What do you do?” asked the fancy doctor. “I’m the Cartoon Editor for The New Yorker.” Off went the lights, out came the lines. “I’ve got an idea

03 May 2016

Adrian Petriw

Trapped on the edge of an endless game His teenage life will never be the same In a dangerous world he does all he can He’s ……? Iron Man.  ‘He’ is Iron Man from the Armored Adventures series and He is voiced by busy Vancouver actor Adrian Petriw. “Getting to

26 Apr 2016

Just One Bagpiper

Have you seen this gentleman playing the bagpipes at Granville Island? If and when you do: pay him your respects. Maybe drop a couple of heavy coins in his case. He is, after all, the one and only bagpiper allowed to busk on Granville Island this year. One licence per year is

24 Apr 2016

Paper Couturiers

For just one dollar and two Campbell’s Vegetable Soup can labels – Old-fashioned Vegetable, Vegetable Beef, Turkey Vegetable, you choose! –  the Campbell’s Soup Company would mail you this ‘smashing paper put-on’ dress in small, medium or large. It is likely the most famous paper dress ever made. The Souper Dress was inspired by

19 Apr 2016

Corbie Fieldwalker

Field walking, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is ‘a technique for finding or studying archaeological sites by walking systematically across a ploughed field collecting artifacts.’ Fieldwalker is an apt surname for Corbie Fieldwalker, a Vancouver filmmaker who keeps a keen eye on what is happening around him – people, city,

17 Apr 2016

Van Helsing

Bad news. Vampires have taken over Vancouver and they are giving us to Seattle. If it is not a Vampire Uprising from the South, then it must be Van Helsing. As Hollywood North continues to thrive, this new TV series has replaced Dead Rising 2 in the former Canada Post building downtown. We

12 Apr 2016

Yaletown String Quartet

When it comes to arranging the most symbolic days in life – weddings, baptisms, coming of age rituals, anniversaries – it is reassuring to know that you can find local talent to help you create the day you are seeking. In Vancouver, we are lucky to have so many skilled artists