16 Dec 2014

Izabela Gereb

This is the home of an artist, blood to bones. When Izabela Gereb opens the door, she is in a floor-length dress of many colours. A knitted dress of her creation. A chorus of faces is there to greet me – the ever-warm Gereb herself and a wall of her

13 Dec 2014

Geoseph Domenichiello

The magic is in the details. Look closely and you’ll find Geoseph Domenichiello shaping owlet eyes, dusting gold dust onto chocolate nuggets and calculating the most delicious balance of raspberry and Grand Marnier. Chocolatier Geoseph builds his creations in the Gem Chocolates kitchen. He and owner/fellow chocolatier Glenn Knowles have great

09 Dec 2014

Leo Zuckerman

I would dearly love to take credit for the photo overhead. Sadly, I cannot. It is the work of Leo Zuckerman – a talented filmmaker and photographer. At the age of 23, he has already won multiple awards for his action sports short films. Fresh out of university, he is

09 Dec 2014

Carol Henriquez

People know how to stretch a dollar in the arts – recycle the canvas, paint over the prop, build a makeshift theatre in some unused warehouse space. Not many, however, would dare to start a full-fledged, multi-department non-profit with $250. Yet, that is exactly how much artist Carol Henriquez and dancer

09 Dec 2014

Johannah Newmarch

She has been a school principal, a doctor, a beauty queen and a porn star. Much to the relief of her dear parents, this career variety has come via Johannah Newmarch’s work as an actor. Like other successful Vancouver-based actors, Johannah’s long resume boasts a mix of American and Canadian

09 Dec 2014

Anne Carson

If you are in search of a uniquely Vancouver view, this might be it. From inside a beautifully polished wooden houseboat, you look out onto False Creek Harbour as kayakers, sailboats and ferries totter by. It is the paddle-boarders who will stop and stare right back. If they squint and peer