16 Jul 2021

Antarctica: Life Emerging

Have you seen ‘Antarctica: Life Emerging’? It’s a beautifully moving 13 minute film focused on safeguarding Antarctica and highlighting three new marine protected areas in the Southern Ocean around Antarctica. The film features a solo by the ever-talented cellist Yo-Yo Ma and gorgeous cinematography by Canadian photographer Paul Nicklen: National

06 Jul 2021

Barbara Cole +

‘Creating art has changed my life,’ talented Canadian artist Barbara Cole told us in 2019. It ‘has allowed me to open up in ways I didn’t know possible.’ From July 10th to 24th, the Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto is showing Cole’s new work in an exhibit entitled ‘Appearances’. ‘In Appearances,’ we

04 Jul 2021

Hobbits By Candlelight

If you’re a film buff, you have no doubt heard the scores of composer Howard Shore: Silence of The Lambs, Spotlight, Crash, Hugo, The Departed, Gangs of New York, Aviator, Philadelphia, Mrs. Doubtfire… What you may not know is that this award-laden composer is Canadian. Born 1946 in Toronto, the

02 Jul 2021

Andy Warhol @ The AGO

“You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.” True to form, in his Philosophy of Andy Warhol, the artist describes a ‘typical’ walk through New York. ‘When I’m walking around New York I’m always aware of the smells around me: the rubber mats

25 Jun 2021

Beautifully Broken

Beautifully broken. This is just one of the descriptors applied to the poetic art of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of golden joinery. Kintsugi, Vancouver artist Naoko Fukumaru writes, ‘is a five-hundred-year-old method of restoring damaged ceramics, seen as enhancing their beauty and value by celebrating their imperfection and impermanence.  Kintsugi

20 Jun 2021

Krystle Dos Santos

Talented Vancouver-based singer Krystle Dos Santos is piling up the awards, including Winner of the R&B Artist of the Year from the 2020 WCMA’s. “Soul comes from within,” Dos Santos said in an interview with CBC Hot Air host Margaret Gallagher. “I think we have so much more power and access to

08 Jun 2021

Penfold @ Pyatt Hall

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival may be in its 35th year, but the “all this” of 2021 demands a new approach. The result? The Festival – which runs from June 25th to July 4th – will feature more than 100 Streamed Concerts. You’ll find ticketed and free performances streaming from

01 Jun 2021

Adrienne Dagg. Nesting Grounds

Toronto artist Adrienne Dagg – a 2020 MFA graduate from the University of Alberta – has exhibited internationally and, from June 5th to 19th, will have her first show through Toronto’s Bau-Xi Gallery, both in person and online. ‘Domestic interiors are featured heavily as backdrops in Dagg’s painted scenes,’ we

25 May 2021

Interior Infinite @ The Polygon

‘Romanticism made its own important discovery – that of the interior subjective man with its depth, complexity, and inexhaustible resources.’ These words come courtesy of Mikhail Bakhtin (1895-1975), Russian philospher and scholar, as he analyzed the then controversial writings of  French Rennaissance author, François Rabelais. Bakhtin continues: ‘This interior infinite

23 May 2021

Doors Open Richmond

Now in its 14th year, Doors Open Richmond starts on June 5th and it’s all online. We spoke to Greg Walker, Chair of the Richmond Museum Society. i. In describing the show in 3 sentences or less, I’d say: Doors Open Richmond is a free opportunity to explore behind the scenes