14 Nov 2021

Ginger Sedlarova. The Viola Player

i. My Name: Ginger Sedlarova ii. I am a: Collage artist iii. The name of this series of work: The Viola Player iv. Four key words you would use to describe the series: Playful, emotional, colourful, musical v. What inspired this work? My wonderful father-in-law, Hans-Karl Piltz, who passed away

09 Nov 2021

Ilanna Barkusky. Speed Of Light

i. Name: Ilanna Barkusky ii. I am a: Director/Photographer/Writer iii. Something I’ve learned about myself as an artist over the last two years: Don’t be scared to try new roles in the creative world – every skill builds upon the next. It is important to keep challenging yourself – if

05 Nov 2021

A Life In Rhythm. Curtis Andrews

i. My Name: Curtis Andrews ii. I am a: percussionist/composer/collaborator. iii. I mainly work with various world music artists from South Asia, Southern Africa, West Africa and whoever else falls into my orbit. Some groups include Zimbamoto, Zhambai Trio, Adanu Habobo. I also work with classical Indian dancers (bharatanatyam) locally

29 Oct 2021

A Comedy Cook-In

For almost two years – agh! – we’ve experimented with how to recreate live experiences online. Playwright and director Amiel Gladstone has been thinking about how to build performance experiences that can only be experienced when viewers are at a distance – in their homes, online. His latest venture? Farm

19 Oct 2021

Kriss Munsya. The Eraser – Escaping The Future

Last month, the New Yorker Photo Department chose the work of talented Vancouver-based artist Kriss Munsya to feature on their official Instagram feed. In accompanying his striking works, Munsya wrote: ‘I’m a Congolese-born visual artist currently living in the ancestral and unceded territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, so-called Vancouver.’

17 Oct 2021

Confutatis Maledictis

We see Mozart in bed, dying while feverishly voicing his beautiful Requiem. Confutatis. Maledictis. It’s a haunting look into his genius and the toll it has taken on him. As each note takes Mozart closer to death , we – like Salieri here – are greedy, inadequate observers, impatiently waiting

13 Oct 2021

Michelle Nguyen. Water Features

In 2018, we were delighted to visit the studio of talented Vancouver artist, Michelle Nguyen. As we wandered from one work in progress to another, we couldn’t help but be curious about the stories behind her rich cast of characters in their vibrant surroundings. But, as Nguyen explained: “I guess

05 Oct 2021

Ballet BC Is Back

After too long away, Ballet BC is back to performing live at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre for Season 21/22! With Artistic Director Medhi Walerski at the helm, these world-renowned dancers will perform 9 new works over three performances: Unfold + Give from November 4th through 6th, Reveal + Tell from

26 Sep 2021

High Anxiety

‘High Anxiety’. These are words we’ve heard a lot over the last two years. Fitting, then, that the Mónica Reyes Gallery has mounted an exhibit to capture our collective angst. Curated by Canadian painter Mina Totino, ‘High Anxiety’ features artists Stan Douglas, Russna Kaur, Myfwanwy MacLeod, Nicole Ondre, Philippe Raphanel,

21 Sep 2021

Lorna Simpson

In 2019, renowned African American artist, Lorna Simpson, received the prestigious Getty Medal. Simpson, said James Cuno, President and CEO of the J. Paul Getty Trust, “is at once a photographer and multimedia artist whose work is both trenchant in its critique of race, gender, and identity, and exquisite in