21 Apr 2020

Angela Grossmann

i. Who am I? I am a Vancouver figurative artist, my medium is painting and mixed media collage. I mostly work with ideas about gender and how we perform our identities. I work with a lot of used and vintage materials, things that have had a previous life. Found materials

17 Apr 2020

April with Isabelle Menin

Belgian artist Isabelle Menin launched a successful career in painting after graduating from the Graphic Research School in Brussels. After 10 years, however, she decided to focus her painterly eye on digital photography. Now, her works are widely exhibited and collected across the world. ‘I’ve always worked using nature’s elements,

14 Apr 2020


‘Time is a vindictive bandit to steal the beauty of our former selves. We are left with sagging, rippled flesh and burning gums with empty sockets.’ So wrote Italian Renaissance painter Raphael, born April 6, 1483 in Urbino. Time was not kind to Raphael. His mother died when he was

08 Apr 2020

The VSO Plays Beethoven’s Fifth

They might be the most referenced 8 notes in musical history and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra will be kicking off with them tonight. To celebrate the 250 year anniversary of Ludwig von Beethoven’s death – and prior to social distancing dictates – the VSO gathered in the empty Orpheum Theatre

03 Apr 2020

Kimura Parker + Ax

Jon Kimura Parker – or ‘Jackie’ as he was known – grew up in Vancouver, studying piano with his uncle Edward Parker, mother Keiko Parker and Lee Kum Sing at the Vancouver Academy of Music and UBC. Parker was a fearsome presence at the Kiwanis Festival, sweeping gold with his brilliant

31 Mar 2020

To The Grocery Store Workers

The rain, the price of grapes, the Breaking News of the hour. They’re just fleeting conversations at the grocery till, but they matter. For some – the widowed regular, the homesick sophomore – a familiar, friendly grocery clerk might offer the only meaningful social contact of the day. Now, in the

29 Mar 2020

To The Doctors + Nurses

As a child, I saw how deeply Mum’s work as a nurse impacted her patients. With her starched white cap and her carefully ironed white dress, she would leave the house with purpose – be it in the wee hours of the morning, or after a long day of driving

24 Mar 2020

Canadian Filmmakers @ NFB

Before bouncy castles, ball rooms, wave pools, and trampoline parks, Canadian parents knew where to turn for birthday party padding: the Canadian National Film Board. Mums and Dads drove about town fetching projectors, portable screens, and well-worn film cannisters. Birthday snacks in hand, we kids squished into neighbourhood living rooms

21 Mar 2020

Measha Brueggergosman Launches Urgnt

Artists are often called upon to donate their time and work for fundraisers, community events. Once again, they are stepping to the plate to buoy our spirits in lockdown. A new series – Urgnt Live – is ‘an ad hoc crowd-funded livestream series in empty venues created in response to the

20 Mar 2020

Canada Performs

With event cancellation after event cancellation, Canadian performing artists have seen their finances tested. The National Arts Centre and Facebook Canada have partnered to create a $100,000 fund to pay artists $1000 for online performances that will be shared on NAC’s Facebook page. The livestreams are scheduled to run for