29 Nov 2020

Bring On The Christmas Lights

Thank Thomas Edison if you’re piling on extra Christmas tree lights this year. Thank Thomas Edison if you’re cheering on neighbours as they bedeck their roofs, windows, and bushes with multi-coloured, glowing strings. Before Edison, Christmas light came courtesy of flaming candles on cut trees. Royals, like Queen Victoria, showcased

15 Nov 2020

Tanis Saxby @ The Crawl

It’s that time of year when great swarms of us would be buzzing around artist studios for the Eastside Culture Crawl: visiting old friends, discovering new talents. In 2020, of course, this doesn’t happen. But, the Crawl continues and artists have exciting new work to show us. This year, the

13 Nov 2020

Ilanna Barkusky +

i. We last spoke to you in 2017. How has your creative working life changed since then? Things have changed quite a bit since 2017, it is really interesting to look back and reflect on that. I always am trying to evolve and challenge myself creatively, and in the last

08 Nov 2020

A New Day

It was an extraordinary day when people danced in the streets, newscasters wept with relief, and two young, mixed race girls stood onstage while their Great Aunt Madam Vice President and her President Elect preached unity. Over to you, Nina.. . . www.creatorsvancouver.com Header: Robert Indiana

03 Nov 2020

Tales By Don Mowatt

If you’re looking for a unique virtual performance featuring a collection of talented Vancouverites, check out Encounters: Stories & Music with Don Mowatt on Thursday, December 10th. As Mowatt explains: ‘While working as a radio documentary producer for thirty five years at the CBC and before, I was privileged to meet

23 Oct 2020

Molly Sweeney

i. I work as an interior stylist. My goal is to help people optimize the furnishings and other possessions they already have in order to create a nurturing and functional space that is authentic to who they are. I focus on helping my clients edit out what they no longer

11 Oct 2020

Dana Claxton @ Splash 2020

From the age of 4 or 5, internationally acclaimed artist Dana Claxton knew two things: she wanted to be a filmmaker, and she wanted to live in New York. Check. Claxton – whose family reserve is Wood Mountain Lakota First Nations, located in SW Saskatchewan –  has also gone on

09 Oct 2020

Joseph Plaskett

“The art that I make and that I see others make confirms the miracle of being alive.” So said the Order of Canada winning artist Joseph Plaskett, who was born 1918 in New Westminster, moved to Paris in 1957, and continued painting until his death at 96, 2014 in Suffolk.

29 Sep 2020

Sheri Bakes

‘Listen to the Earth,’ a Sheri Bakes painting tells us. You’d think we stubborn humans would have gotten the message by now, but … Talented artist Sheri Bakes trains her eye on all manner of natural phenomenon to create luminous rivers, lakes, storms, clouds, forest scenes. All of the work

27 Sep 2020

History Has Its Eyes On You

‘Lost in the solitude of his immense power, he began to lose direction. He was bothered by the people who cheered him in neighboring villages, and he imagined that they were the same cheers they gave the enemy. Everywhere he met adolescents who looked at him with his own eyes,