17 Sep 2021

A Virtual Market For Foodies

You might remember Natalie Ferrari-Morton and her fiction-inspired jams: Madame Cherry is terribly grand, secretive and proud of her French heritage. Saint Claire was a devout Catholic nun – pure in her spirit, intense in her approach and a little tart. Blackberry Jack is adventurous, swarthy and ready for any

21 Aug 2021

Unemployment Pudding

Have you heard of this delicious Depression-era Canadian dessert, known in its founding province of Quebec as Pouding Chômeur? ‘Poor Man’s Pudding’ is said to have been invented in 1929 by women who, after a long day working on the factory floor, returned home to cold, bare pantries.  With only

31 Jul 2021

Three Words: Nanaimo Bar Donut

An iconic dessert has found a new face. Not only did we invent the Nanaimo Bar (come at us London, New York, and Maryland),  Canada is said to have the most donut shops per capita in the world. Now, in this long weekend of Pride, Cartems Donuts is bringing it

27 Jul 2021

Cheesecake, Olympic Cheesecake

With National Cheesecake Day falling on July 30th, it’s time we take a moment to celebrate this most glorious of desserts. And funny – as many of us are steeped in watching the Olympics – that cheesecakes were on the menu for athletes at the first Olympic Games in Greece.

09 Jul 2021

Pop’s Sicle

In 1905, an 11 year old Frank W. Epperson of Oakland, California invented the first popsicle. After an intense day of outdoor play, Frank retired inside for dinner and rest. He did, however, forget one thing  on the porch: his cup of soda and its powder-mixing wooden stir stick. After

11 Jun 2021

Canada’s Favourite Cookie

Which homemade cookies do we Canadians crave the most? In February of 2021, Food Network Canada analysed their considerable data to unearth the cooking channel’s most popular cookie recipes of all time. The winner? Good old-fashioned shortbread. Fittingly, in the 1944 Canadian Favourites Cookbook, Mrs. Jane Montgomery from Victoria, B.C. offers

30 May 2021

Moira Rose’s New Cocktail

In Schitt’s Creek Season 1, Episode 6, Moira Rose proves to be a less than inspiring spokesperson for The Herb Etlinger Fruit Winery. “In the lee of a picturesque ridge lies a small, unpretentious winery, one that pampers its fruit like its own babies. Hi, I’m Moira Rose, and if

04 May 2021

Mother’s Day Treats @ Faubourg

As ever, Faubourg Bakery and Café has all sorts of delicious sweets on offer. We spoke to Head Pastry Chef, Ricardo Rosas about what special baking we might expect to see around Mother’s Day. . . i. What types of treats have been selling particularly well during the pandemic? We have

23 Apr 2021

Maple Syrup Sweets

Butterscotch Bread. Sour Cream Banana Cake. Lemon Cream Sherbet. Oatmeal Crinkles. Party Crackers. Perkins. These are a few of the sweet recipes you’ll find in the 1944 Canadian Favourites Cookbook, courtesy of all those who ‘so eagerly and splendidly co-operated in submitting their choicest and many-times tested recipes.’ The authors

08 Apr 2021

Canada’s Tiger Tail Ice Cream

Orange and licorice. A dream pairing or …? In The Complete Bartender, New York mixologist Robyn M. Feller describes a Tiger Tail cocktail that involves Pernod, curaçao, orange juice, ice, and a slice of lime. This unique orange and licorice pairing finds its roots in a Made in Canada sweet