02 Sep 2016

Project Chef

Hodge Podge Porridge. She knew it was healthy, she thought it was delicious, but how would the kids react? Barb Finley realized she was taking a risk with this hodgepodge of grains – steel cut oats, quinoa, millet and amaranth. She watched the Grade 4 students measuring out their dry

28 Aug 2016

Peach Pie, Please

What is your favourite type of pie? It is a tough question at the best of times. The answer was ‘apple’ in a onepoll survey of 2000 people in the UK. And the pie pie chart from another poll reveals: The pie dilemma hits hard when you go to Aphrodite’s Pie

16 Aug 2016

Come Rain Or Come Shine

I’m gonna love you, like no one’s loved you, Come rain or come shine. High as a mountain, deep as a river, Come rain or come shine. Pound cake and homemade ice cream. It was a birthday tradition. Every year, B – Della Beatrice Howard Robinson – would make pound cake and

29 Jul 2016

Ice Cream In Earnest

With Summer 2016 now officially upon us, it is time for some ice-cream. Why not go local? Some ‘seriously good’ ice-cream would be appreciated. Can the Vancouver ice-cream makers at Earnest live up to their tagline? The product is charmingly presented, that’s for sure. Flavours like Bourbon Peach, Cardamom, Tahitian Vanilla and

08 Jul 2016

New Donuts

The ride to UBC just got a little nummier. A new Cartem’s Donuterie has opened this week on Broadway, near Alma. This is Made in Vancouver deliciousness. It is hard to pick a favourite: Triple Chocolate Threat, The Earl Grey, Lemon Meringue? I’ll do an extra hop, skip and a lunge

24 Jun 2016

Lisa Lou’s Chocolate

Lisa Lou is proud of her four sons: Marc, Pete, Joe and Frank. Now, this is not your run-of-the-mill family. Mama Lisa got her nickname from a Dad who was fully expecting to sire a boy he would call Luigi. When Lisa arrived, her father was delighted. Nevertheless, he called her

03 Jun 2016

Spiked Coffee

I’m not sure if the doctor would approve, but three sips of this and you might forget what ails you. Blasted Brew is the coffee creation of Doug and Dawn Lennie, spouses and owners of Legend Distilling in beautiful Naramata. Doug brews up interesting small batch concoctions in a distillery

24 May 2016

Lethal Lemon Loaf

I am always conflicted by demo booths at the grocery store. On the one hand, the free food might be delicious. On the other hand, the free food might be alarming and I will still feel obligated to buy a package or two. The demo lady is nice, just doing her job

01 May 2016

Tasting Tofino

If you are ranking the best beaches in the world, you might want to consider Chesterman Beach. The Guardian has this Tofino beach rated as #1 in the Wild and Remote category, 33rd overall. There is something so remarkably peaceful about walking from one end to the other, watching the dogs, surfers, swimmers,

22 Apr 2016

Thierry’s Treats

He had worked for some of the top restaurants in London – Le Gavroche, Marco Pierre White – and wowed Gordon Ramsey. His work at Vancouver’s CinCin and West garnered him multiple awards. Finally, in 2011, Chef Thierry Busset decided to venture out on his own. He was looking to put his serious French