01 Apr 2016

Macaron Madness

As I make my way to the newly opened Ladurée Vancouver, I spy a line, east of Burrard, on Robson. People are sitting on foldable chairs, behind red velvet ropes. I had heard about the three hour Ladurée lines last week, but this would be madness. The macarons are blocks

06 Mar 2016

Triple Chocolate Mousse Tricks

“Can I bring anything? Dessert?” In my eager olden days, that would have meant rifling through cookbooks, sifting flour all over the kitchen and topping the much ado with a flourish of chocolate. In my droopy older days, the bringing of dessert means trolling bakeries and sampling slices. One of the

26 Feb 2016

Bon Bon Ton

What does ‘bon ton’ mean? Merriam Webster gives us a definition that fools us twice. First: this most fashionable of words is rated in the bottom 30% of words in popularity. Second: our search has been inspired by Bon Ton Bakery in Vancouver. The very reason we have sought out their goodies

17 Jan 2016

Hot Chocolate Fest

All hail the steaming hot chocolate on a bitterly cold day. Some may argue that we Vancouverites rarely suffer a cold that can be called bitter. We do, however, take our hot chocolate seriously. This weekend marks the start of the 6th annual Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival. It is presented by CityFood

08 Jan 2016

Bigsby’s Happy Pills

Of course. It makes sense. Happiness will not be found in foul tasting, liver wrenching, dried roots. Happiness comes via tiny meringue tears that have been blessed with colour sprinkles. The most addictive egg white sugar joy drops are baked and housed at Bigsby The Bakehouse in Mackenzie Heights. The

11 Dec 2015

Toasted Mallows

It is not so glamorous tottering through the mall with 3 toasted marshmallows on a stick. The man with the boiled wool coat and leather clutch veered clear into oncoming holiday mobs to avoid me. But, the gooey, charred lemon meringue, vanilla sprinkle and toasted coconut were well with the

29 Nov 2015

Tea-Time With Butter

‘When I think of my Mum,’ Rosie Daykin writes, ‘I always think of tea parties. She loves them!’ I first ran into Interior Designer Rosie and her Mum Pixie at Ta Da, their home and accessories store on Broadway, a couple blocks north of Connaught Park. Pixie was always front of store,

01 Nov 2015

Cotton Candy 2.0

It was pure carny magic. The gleaming sugar crystals would rain into the heart of the silver pan. The bestriped man would taunt us with his white paper sabre, whisking it round and round the edges. First nothing, then suddenly the pink, purple or blue cloud would start to take

25 Oct 2015

Smells Like Chocolate Chip Cookies

Are you diligent about making your home smell better? 70% say yes, according to a recent 72 point poll of 1,000 adults. 45% of women and 30% of men are particularly worried about how their house might smell to visiting guests. The Smells And what kinds of home odours are particularly

27 Sep 2015

Sweet E Lemon Meringue

‘The best dang Lemon Meringue this side of the tracks.’ So says the new lettering on the window. I’m not sure who offers competitive curd on the other side of the rails, but sweet e’s has always been known for the fresh lemon jolt it serves under artful peaks of