16 Dec 2016

40 Drinks In Exile

When you hear the word ‘martini’, what comes to mind? a. That time when I …. b. James Bond. Shaken not stirred. c. kidney disorders d. intestinal worms Most of us are more likely to think of a and b than c or d. But, in the 1600s, gin was

11 Dec 2016

And Now We Bake

When temperatures start with a minus and snow – snow! – falls on our streets, many of us prefer to admire the wonderland from the warmth of our houses. If all of this nesting triggers an urge to bake, Vancouver is home to a number of chefs who offer great recipes through their

27 Nov 2016

Granville Island Sweets

Granville Island is a great place to nosh on sweets at the best of times. Come holiday season, the stocks are piled high and pastry chefs are throwing in festive twists. We’ve listed some of our favourite GI sweets – and this is only Round One – below. Here’s to all of the

01 Nov 2016

Secret Treats

‘And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.’ The Secret Garden author Frances Hodgson Burnett and her petulant young protagonist, Mary Lennox, might also be intrigued by the miraculous sweets revealed each morning at The Secret Garden Tea Company. This Kerrisdale favourite – now in its 21st

07 Oct 2016

A Danish Obsession

Breakfast can be a bitter reality check for the euphoric traveler. The people, the history, the buildings, the shows – how interesting. Look how I blend in as a local. But, pickled herring with pickled eggs at 8 am? Nope. In our next destination, the croissants look crispy and stout. But,

27 Sep 2016

Meringue Buttons

It is the kind of bakery where Mums and Dads still bring their kids after school to get a cookie. Will that be a Bird’s Nest, an Iced Flower or an Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk? Moore’s Bakery is also known for their particularly delicious sweet meringue. The full-sized meringues still have crunch,

02 Sep 2016

Project Chef

Hodge Podge Porridge. She knew it was healthy, she thought it was delicious, but how would the kids react? Barb Finley realized she was taking a risk with this hodgepodge of grains – steel cut oats, quinoa, millet and amaranth. She watched the Grade 4 students measuring out their dry

28 Aug 2016

Peach Pie, Please

What is your favourite type of pie? It is a tough question at the best of times. The answer was ‘apple’ in a onepoll survey of 2000 people in the UK. And the pie pie chart from another poll reveals: The pie dilemma hits hard when you go to Aphrodite’s Pie

16 Aug 2016

Come Rain Or Come Shine

I’m gonna love you, like no one’s loved you, Come rain or come shine. High as a mountain, deep as a river, Come rain or come shine. Pound cake and homemade ice cream. It was a birthday tradition. Every year, B – Della Beatrice Howard Robinson – would make pound cake and

29 Jul 2016

Ice Cream In Earnest

With Summer 2016 now officially upon us, it is time for some ice-cream. Why not go local? Some ‘seriously good’ ice-cream would be appreciated. Can the Vancouver ice-cream makers at Earnest live up to their tagline? The product is charmingly presented, that’s for sure. Flavours like Bourbon Peach, Cardamom, Tahitian Vanilla and