13 Aug 2022

Oscar’s Coin

‘Some people try to get very philosophical and cerebral about what they’re trying to say with jazz. You don’t need any prologues, you just play. If you have something to say of any worth, then people will listen to you.’ So said one of our favourite pianists: Oscar Peterson. With

06 Aug 2022

Conserving de Kooning: Theft and Recovery

On November 29th, 1985, two art thieves – “a man and a woman in thick winter coats” – followed an employee into the University of Arizona Museum Of Art. The time? Almost 9 am. Right before opening. The woman chatted to the security guard, while the man crept upstairs. They

13 Jul 2022

In Grecian Colour

White. Beige. Mottled Grey. What colour comes to mind when you think of ancient Greek statues? For most of us, it’s the neutrals. The beautifully carved neutrals that we’ve seen in museums and textbooks. But was this the work that the Greeks saw upon unveiling? No, according to a new

24 Jun 2022

Virginia Mak. Countenance

‘Countenance’ – be it one’s face, one’s expression – is a word we quickly associate with 19th Century poetry. Take this excerpt from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famed ‘Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie’. ‘At the helm sat a youth, with countenance thoughtful and careworn. Dark and neglected locks overshadowed his brow,

08 Jun 2022

Ewa Juszkiewicz Upends The Classics

Last month, gifted painter Ewa Juszkiewicz saw her striking ‘Portrait of a Lady (After Louis Leopold Boilly)’, featured above, sell for radically more than expected at a Christie’s auction.  Initially estimated to go for $200,000, Juszkiewicz’s work fetched $1.56 million. Juszkiewicz, who was born in Gdánsk, and lives in Warsaw,

15 May 2022

Whitney Lewis-Smith. Biophilia

“I’m a photo-based artist, but the majority of what I do is actually collecting, sourcing and building sets.” So said artist Whitney Lewis-Smith in a 2019 interview with CBC.  “It’s much more sculptural than just a photograph. I make images on glass plate negatives that I make myself. I create

07 May 2022

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all you amazing Mothers, and to those celebrating their Mums in person, at a distance, or in memorium. ♥ Over centuries, artists have created interesting, intimate paintings of their mothers … . . Albrecht Durer. Portrait of Barbara. The Artist’s Mother.  1490 . Rembrandt Van

12 Apr 2022

Iké Udé. Nollywood

Nollywood. In a 2016 interview with Griot magazine, artist Iké Udé described the billion dollar film business in Nigeria, the country of his birth. “Nollywood autonomy, independence. It is made up of individuals who have a bold and audacious vision of who they are as Nigerians, as Africans, without any

26 Mar 2022

Prince. The Immersive Experience

‘My Mother’s Eyes. That’s the 1st thing 👁 can remember.’ So wrote Prince in ‘The Beautiful Ones’ – the memoir/scrapbook he started before his tragic passing on April 21st, 2016. ‘U know how U can tell when someone is smiling just by looking in their eyes? That was my mother’s

16 Mar 2022

Fall Fashion Shows. 2022/2023

The online fashion show trend continues for the 2022/2023 Fall Winter collections. All of us can now watch spectacles that used to be in person, invite only. Here’s a sampling from the ever-great resource: FF Channel. . . Fall Winter 2022/2023 From Paris Valentino . Chanel  . Louis Vuitton  .