09 May 2017

Watson Kennedy

If you want to see a beautifully curated space, filled with unique finds and the work of local artists, check out Watson Kennedy, on First Avenue, down from the Seattle Art Museum. It’s one of those places where you need multiple rounds to check out all of the different vignettes. The

09 May 2017

I Love Lucy Chocolates

Do you remember the scene where Lucille Ball and her best friend Ethel Mae Mertz are at the chocolate factory trying to eat their way through a conveyor belt gone mad? Job Switching, the original episode, aired in 1952. Yet kids whose parents weren’t even born then have seen the GIFs and video. To

18 Apr 2017

Feast Tofino

Tofino is one of those places that beckons you back. First, there are the infinite beaches –  dramatic in winter, playland in summer. Surf, swim, walk or sit, you won’t be bored. Then, there are the forest hikes, the ocean adventures, the artists and the innovative, fresh food. If you are thinking

09 Apr 2017

Creative Cities US

Which cities in the US do you consider to be particularly rich in the arts? Visual Capitalist, a Vancouver digital media company, worked with Homes to develop a Creative City Index to analyze just that question. In their overall results, New York placed first, with San Francisco, Seattle, LA and

21 Feb 2017


For many museums, a non-summer’s day means a peaceful wander around people-light rooms. It makes for a zen beauty experience, but it’s not too good for the museum’s bottom line. When we visited San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art this week, it was humming. There were teens co-listening to audio guides

19 Feb 2017

San Francisco Murals +

It’s not surprising that street art thrives in a city that has long celebrated creativity, rebellion and outsiders. We visited some great murals on our last visit to The City. SF Murals 1 And here are some more murals – and one pair of legs – that stood out on our

30 Oct 2016

Miniature Makers

Many years ago, I was taken with a book about the intricacies of neurosurgery: Working in a Very Small Place: The Making of a Neurosurgeon. The book followed the work of Dr Peter Janetta, a renowned neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Panetta developed a microsurgery technique to

25 Oct 2016

Open Air Victoria

Victoria has been named #7 in Condé Naste’s 40 Best Cities in the World, right after Vancouver at #6. ‘As a former British colony,’ the editors write, ‘Victoria retains stately mansions and picturesque gardens perfect for walking and gazing.’ Come by ferry or seaplane and head to The Inner Harbour –

11 Oct 2016

Moonshine Studio

There is something magical about artists’ studios. The creativity is thrumming – in the decor, in the tools, in the half-finished works and in the artists themselves. Here, at Creators Vancouver, we are looking forward to going behind the studio scenes to explore the spaces where artists do their work. We

09 Oct 2016

Thanksgiving Studio Tour

The Fairy Hogmother can be proud of her birthplace. For the twentieth year, the artists of Gabriola are showing off their skills in the island’s Thanksgiving Studio Tour. Day One boasted heavy rain, yet visitors and locals were turning up in enthusiastic packs to meet artists in their work spaces