13 May 2016

Ripley Grier Studios

If you stand in the lobby of 520 8th Avenue, you will hear the doorman asking visitors where they are headed. “Ripley Grier,” many will say. “17th floor.” “16th floor.” “Ripley Grier.” These are not New York accountants heading in for another long day in the office. Some carry dance bags;

13 May 2016

Hamilton Update

Alas, no ticket genies. A kindly, if misinformed, gentleman suggested we try the Cancellation line. “Go at 5. You’ll be first in line. Any one show might have 1 to 10 cancellations and they’ll sell the tickets by order in the line.” Well…Here is what we learned, in case you

10 May 2016

New York Shows I

It’s May in New York and we’re seeing shows! Hamilton? Nope. We weren’t lucky enough to get regular tickets nor win the daily lottery. We are not about to pony up the $800-$1000 needed to assuage the middlemen. But, friends who saw it back-when agree that Hamilton is shattering, a historical moment.

29 Mar 2016

Gabriola Honour Shops

“Do you know where I can get a nice piece of pottery for my Mother?” A friend from the big big city was staying with us on Gabriola Island. “She collects a lot of white pottery – heavy, obviously handmade, different.” Aha! We knew just the place. The friend looked

19 Feb 2016

The Galiano Literary Festival

If you’re looking for something different to do this weekend, take a trip to the Galiano Island Literary Festival. With just a 55 minute ferry ride from Tsawwassen, you will find yourself on a beautiful Southern Gulf Island, home to a disproportionate number of artists. The Galiano Literary Festival was started

17 Jan 2016

Chocolate v. Vortex

There comes a time – fingertips blue, wrists no longer bending – when one realizes that Vancouver fashion mittens are no match for a New York polar vortex. If a massive trudge has taken you to Soho, there is bubbling relief in sight. Head to Mariebelle Chocolate, duck into the

16 Aug 2015

The Island Markets

In Vancouver, we are lucky to be just a boat ride away from so many beautiful islands, each with their own unique character. It could be a quick ferry to Bowen, or a little farther to Hornby, Pender, Qualicum Beach or Metchosin. For those looking for a fun day or

09 Jun 2015

Hot Shop Chihuly

How would you like to spend your day toiling in front of a furnace heated to 2150° Fahrenheit? You will hold tight onto your stick of molten silica and batch, and you will poke it in and out of the deadly cauldron. After a long while standing at the Gates