07 May 2022

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend to all you amazing Mothers, and to those celebrating their Mums in person, at a distance, or in memorium. ♥ Over centuries, artists have created interesting, intimate paintings of their mothers … . . Albrecht Durer. Portrait of Barbara. The Artist’s Mother.  1490 . Rembrandt Van

12 Apr 2022

Iké Udé. Nollywood

Nollywood. In a 2016 interview with Griot magazine, artist Iké Udé described the billion dollar film business in Nigeria, the country of his birth. “Nollywood autonomy, independence. It is made up of individuals who have a bold and audacious vision of who they are as Nigerians, as Africans, without any

26 Mar 2022

Prince. The Immersive Experience

‘My Mother’s Eyes. That’s the 1st thing 👁 can remember.’ So wrote Prince in ‘The Beautiful Ones’ – the memoir/scrapbook he started before his tragic passing on April 21st, 2016. ‘U know how U can tell when someone is smiling just by looking in their eyes? That was my mother’s

16 Mar 2022

Fall Fashion Shows. 2022/2023

The online fashion show trend continues for the 2022/2023 Fall Winter collections. All of us can now watch spectacles that used to be in person, invite only. Here’s a sampling from the ever-great resource: FF Channel. . . Fall Winter 2022/2023 From Paris Valentino . Chanel  . Louis Vuitton  .

22 Feb 2022

Faith Ringgold @ The New Museum

Remarkable artist Faith Ringgold, born 1930 in Harlem, has been enjoying a well-earned resurgence of attention over the pandemic. Her work depicts both hope and the harsh realities of life. Now 91 years old, Ringgold is content with the body of work she has so far put out into the

30 Jan 2022

Lori Nix + Dan Dubowitz. Spaces

‘I don’t really have a death wish,’ says artist Lori Nix, ‘it just seems that way.’ For more than a decade, Nix’s photographs have focused on fictional landscapes after something dire has happened. ‘An aquarium after a flood, a church after a fire, a beauty parlor after…who knows what. Mankind

04 Jan 2022

Jacob Lawrence @ The Library

“My pictures express my life and experiences,” said American painter Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000). “I paint the things I know about and the things I have experienced”. Much of his stunning artwork is focused on his home community in Harlem. “All these people on the street, various colours, so much pattern,

19 Dec 2021

Handbags At The V&A

Are you in search of the perfect wedding present? In 2021, The Knot tells us that the most popular gifts in their pool of wedding registries include: i. Instant pots ii. Iconic stand mixers iii. Pro-style blenders iv. Single serve coffee machines v. Do it all pans. . In 1700s

02 Nov 2021

Kandinsky. Around The Circle

It’s hard not to hear the music when you wander from one Kandinsky painting to the next. ‘Colour,’ he said, ‘is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause

15 Oct 2021

Jasper Johns: Mind/Mirror

Jasper Johns, over his remarkable career, has shown little patience for those who would interpret him or his art. In a 2007 interview with The Art Newspaper, he said: ‘The kinds of meaning and order that we may find in works of art, I suspect, rarely duplicate those that the