17 Mar 2021

Canada Chooses Van Gogh

Galleries and museums may have been closed through much of 2020, but interest in the arts remained strong. Which artists did people google search most over the year? The UK’s Ken Bromley Art Supplies started by looking worldwide. In the top spot? Leonardo da Vinci, who was most searched across

02 Mar 2021

Muggle Mushroom Muses

Are you a mychophile? Mychophile, the Oxford Dictionary tells us, is ‘an enthusiast for mushrooms and other (especially edible) fungi; a person fond of eating mushrooms.’  This is about any type of mushroom – plain old grocery bin mushrooms are welcome here. Centuries of artists have shown themselves to be

23 Feb 2021

I Hope I Get It

‘I hope I get it. I hope I get it. How many people does he need? How many people does he need?’ Marvin Hamlisch’s Chorus Line lyrics are ultimately relatable to anyone who has put themselves through an audition – acting, singing, instrument, dance. .. . Reality shows have learned

09 Feb 2021

Chipping Out David

Most of the Italian Renaissance sculptors would create sample models first. It is not until they were satisfied with their prototypes that they would set into the unforgiving marble. Michelangelo, once again, stood apart. In creating David, he started chipping at the Carrara marble right away. And this was a twice

24 Jan 2021

Jacob Lawrence @ The Winter Show

In 1949, American painting prodigy Jacob Lawrence checked himself into Hillside Hospital’s psychiatric ward in Queens. Exhausted, depressed, he remained there for a year, getting treatment and painting his Hospital series. After checking himself out in 1950, Lawrence sought new inspiration in Harlem nightclubs and theatres like the Apollo. As

04 Dec 2020

Darlene Cole. Midnight

Midnight (Living Room). Midnight (When The Night Comes). Midnight (Love Notes). Midnight (Velvet At Dusk). Midnight is the name of Toronto artist Darlene Cole’s December exhibit. Midnight is also the word that fronts each of the featured painting titles. As she created the exhibit,  Cole ‘experienced a blurred transition from

22 Nov 2020

Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya

If you’re looking for a new museum to discover online, check out the Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya. Located in Barcelona, El Museu is housed in the Palau Nacional of Montjuïc, built in 1929 for the International Exposition. Online, you can learn more about el Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya’s

28 Oct 2020

Art Toronto

This is the 8th year for Art Toronto and, in its 2020 digital format, they say  it will ‘truly be Canada’s art fair.’ Running from October 28th to November 8th, the exhibit will include gallery artists from the Bau-Xi. A sampling … . . Barbara Cole. Josephine, From Appearances .

13 Oct 2020

Emma Donoghue + VWF

The show must go on. Well, if it can. And, thankfully – despite all that 2020 has to ‘offer’ – the Vancouver Writers Festival will go on. The VWF was launched in 1988 by Founding Artistic Director Alma Lee, and declared the Best Large Canadian Literary Festival by the Canadian

25 Sep 2020

The Uffizi

It’s one of the reasons that so many art lovers return again and again to Florence. The Uffizi Gallery houses an extraordinary collection of paintings, with masterpieces from Boticelli to Michelangelo, Caravaggio to Giotto, Leonardo to Raffaello. The Uffizi sits in the first two floors of a building that was