Cave, Jemison, Ruga, Shonibare + Storr: Ensemble

Nick Cave, Steffani Jemison, Athi-Patra Ruga, Yinka Shonibare, and Rhea Storr. The work of these five contemporary artists and filmmakers is featured in Ensemble, an 80 minute film playing at The Polygon until March the 13, 2022.

Reah Storr describes her contribution on her website:

‘Afrofuturism is communicated via the Bahamian people through Junkanoo, a form of carnival in the Bahamas. Originally celebrated  by slaves who were given Christmas Day and Boxing Day off only, Junkanoo can be viewed as a form of resistance. We follow the ‘Shell Saxon Superstars’ as they prepare. A 1500-person-strong group, costume production is divided into smaller units or shacks. The Saxons come together in spectacular fashion to enact a politically motivated theme, asserting national pride or depicting other countries. We visit the shacks where the costumes are made to observe the craftsmanship and dedication required to win the parade and obtain ‘bragging rights’.’



Ensemble @ The Polygon

Rhea Storr’s Website


Header: Rhea Storr, Here is the Imagination of the Black Radical (still), 2020, 16mm film, 2K video, colour, stereo, 10 min., courtesy the artist and LUX, Londont


Anne Griffiths


Anna Sarvira @ MOMA

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton