Chang, Rogen + The Jelly Donut

“I never thought of the jelly donut as a perfect food,” says famed Momofuku chef, David Chang. At least, not until he tastes a hot out of the fryer, freshly sugared and jelly-pumped donut from Lee’s Donuts in Granville Island.

“That’s tremendous,” he oohs. “I love textural contrast. You get it from the sugar. You get it from the actual donut. It’s soft, crunchy and yet the subtle acidity from the jelly.”

Granville Island is food stop #1 as the Vancouver born and bred Seth Rogen tours his buddy Chang through his beloved hometown. Their eating and exploring – filmed for Episode 1 of Chang’s new Netflix series: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – is heightened by frequent legalized pot breaks.

Rogen has been visiting Lee’s Donuts since he was a kid. “I’m always chasing the dragon of these jelly donuts,” he admits.

After Chang finds some fresh Granville Island mangosteen to offer Rogen, the two head off on a Vancouver adventure that includes crab trawling, Canucks and Seawall talk, and visits to Sun Sui Wah Seafood for dim sum. Next up: a fuzzy-headed stumble through the Van Dusen Garden maze, samosas at Apna Bhaia, and Chinese melon soup, Hong Kong style barbecue pork and slow-cooked soy chicken at Hong Kong BBQ Master on Number 3 Road.

The two even make their way down to the Aquarium so Rogen can meet his namesake: octopus Ceph Rogen.

“I don’t know many mountain cities that also have access to the ocean and the diversity in food,” Chang says. “So, in some weird way, Vancouver seems to be some kind of unicorn.”

Chang is schedule to open a Momofuku Noodle Bar in Vancouver in 2020. Meanwhile, you can journey to Marrakesh with he and Chrissie Teigen for the second episode of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.




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