Cherry Blossom City

This time of year, you will see Vancouverites and visitors out with their cameras and easels, circling blocks that are lined from one end to the other with cherry blossom trees.

Our cherry blossom tradition began with generous gifts from Japan. In the 1930’s, the mayors of Yokohama and Kobe gave the Vancouver Parks Board 500 cherry blossom trees to honour Japanese Canadians who served in World War II. They were to be planted at the Japanese cenotaph in Stanley Park. In 1958, Muneo Tanabe, the Japanese consul, donated 300 trees to Vancouver to celebrate the friendship between our two countries.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival – this year from April 2nd to 29th – is an annual celebration of our cherry blossoms. The Honourable Dr. David C. Lam was a key benefactor behind the festival and a grove has been planted at VanDusen Botanical Garden to honour him.

If you are interested in getting out your camera, paints or just admiring the blossoms, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has published a map which lays out favourite photo-op locations , the names of citywide cultivars and which blossoms are currently in bloom.

cherry 1

cherry 2


Theresa Edwards


Wendy Bross Stuart

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton