Chocolate Dipped Cinder Toffee

Well, depending on your home city or country, you might know it as:

  1. Angel Food Candy
  2. Fairy Food Candy
  3. Hokey Pokey
  4. Honeycomb
  5. Puff Candy
  6. Old Fashioned Puff
  7. Sea Foam
  8. Sponge Candy
  9. Sponge Toffee

If you have Crunchie bars in your town, we’re talking about the innards. This sugar, water, baking soda and gelatine concoction is a crunchy treat for those of solid tooth. It’s also a bit of a science experiment in the kitchen.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has a delicious, chocolate-dipped version in their Chocolate Dipped Seafoam. Here’s a peak on their instagram.

The company was launched in 1981 by Franklin Crail in Durango, Colorado. He was a California-based tech entrepreneur looking for a quieter life. His two top options? Car wash or chocolate shop. He chose chocolate. Now, with hundreds of Rocky Mountain franchises now across the world, Crail’s life can no longer be considered quiet.

Crail opened his first Canadian store, 1988 in Whistler. Now, you can find fountains of chocolate and dipped seafoam on Robson Street and in locations across the province and country.

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Header: By Michael Olsen




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Elizabeth Newton