Chocolate v. Vortex

There comes a time – fingertips blue, wrists no longer bending – when one realizes that Vancouver fashion mittens are no match for a New York polar vortex. If a massive trudge has taken you to Soho, there is bubbling relief in sight. Head to Mariebelle Chocolate, duck into the back and order hot chocolate. Few ‘world’s best’ claims hold up. This tea cup of wonder just might.

Mariebelle’s tender loving chocolate drink is concocted from a selection of shavings, all up on display: Aztec, Spicy, Dark, Mayan, Hazelnut or White. You can have it American style with milk or the even more sinfully thick European style with steaming hot water. I had mine Aztec Spicy, European style, delicious spoonful by delicious spoonful. The vortex was long forgotten. Would it be greedy to order two?


Mariebelle prides itself on chocolate that offers ‘Visual Pleasure – the Art, Luscious Flavor – the Food and Satisfaction – Beauty’. Check.

Written by Elizabeth Newton




Hot Chocolate Fest

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton