Smells Like Chocolate Chip Cookies

Are you diligent about making your home smell better? 70% say yes, according to a recent 72 point poll of 1,000 adults. 45% of women and 30% of men are particularly worried about how their house might smell to visiting guests.

The Smells
And what kinds of home odours are particularly offensive?

Top 5 in the poll were:
1. Cigarette smoke
2. Garbage can
3. Litter box
4. Mold and mildew
5. Fish

The best smells to wake up to, much more pleasantly, were:
1. Fresh-brewed coffee
2. New sheets
3. Pine
4. Toasted bread
5. Orange juice

The smells that made people feel most at home were:
1. Fresh-brewed coffee
2. Baked cookies
3. Clean sheets
4. Pot roast
5. Pasta sauce

Bringing it Home
Whether for your own olefactory bliss or that of your guests, you can start with the coffee.  Here, Treasures and Travels go behind the scenes with Vancouver favourite Revolver Coffee – recent winner of Best Coffeehouse in the 2015 Vancouver Magazine awards.

What special techniques do co-owner George Giannokos and his team use to make their Americanos, Lattes, Cappuccinos and Espresso Macchiatos?

Do you prefer your chocolate chip cookies soft and chewy, thin and crispy, cakey, or all of the above? Chef Thomas Joseph – Director of Food Development at Martha Stewart Living – explains how best to make each sweet-smelling cookie style.

Written by Elizabeth Newton


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton