Cookie Classics

Which of these cookies would you choose?

a. Oatmeal chocolate chunk
b. Dutch shortbread
c. Meringue
d. Icebox fruit square
e. Plain oatmeal
f.  All of the above

The correct answer is f, of course. Cookie Monster congratulates you on your cleverness. But, if someone less enthusiastically blue is making you choose, which one of these Moore’s cookies will you eat?

After 80 years in business, Moore’s Bakery in Kerrisdale has mastered all of these classic cookies. However, their best-seller – as one of the friendly staff was explaining to another sweets lover – is plain oatmeal. They may look ordinary, but these oatmeal cookies are neither dense nor chewy. Moore’s oatmeal cookies are crispy, crumbly and utterly addictive. If you must choose, choose the oatmeal.

Om nom nom nom.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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Elizabeth Newton