Cookie Dough

The sweet-toothed among us know that the best part of baking is munching sugary ingredients. Back in the day, raw cookie dough was the thing – worth all manner of baker distraction and kitchen subterfuge.

These days, what with all the free-floating salmonella horror stories, sneaking cookie dough doesn’t feel quite so carefree. Cue the entrepreneurs.

Local chef Angie Quaale has developed edible cookie dough with neither unpasteurized ingredients nor raw eggs. Quaale is the  founder of Well Seasoned Gourmet Store, a Langley city councillor and one half of the travelling Canada Q Crew BBQ Team.

There is no pretense of baking with Quaale’s cookie dough. It’s just ready for the eating in four flavours: Sugar Sugar, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Classic Chocolate Chip and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip.

When you visit New York, you can take it one step further with dō, an entire store devoted to safe-to-eat cookie dough. Located in Greenwich Village and set up like an ice-cream shop, dō was hopping when we visited. Young and no-so-young were ordering one, two, even three scoops of flavours like Chocolate Dream, Oatmeal M&M, Brookie Dough, Gimme S’More, or straight up Commando.


dō was founded by the Missouri-raised Kristen Tomlan. She grew up baking alongside her cooking school instructor Mum. Once she had proven herself, she was awarded a position of great importance: maker of the family cookies.

Tomlan was inspired to create dō after a girls’ weekend in Philadelphia where nostalgia and sweet cravings could only be satisfied by a tub of frozen cookie dough. “We passed around the tub, loving every bite and laughing about the lack of cookie dough designed solely for eating in its pure form.”

She left her job as a designer at a brand consultancy and launched into the world of safe-to-eat cookie dough. “For me,” Tomlan says, “the best part of making cookies is, and always has been, the pure, dough-ey goodness of the unbaked cookie. There is something undeniable about the smooth, sugary, deliciousness that comes right from the mixing bowl.”

Word spread and now the cookie dough has found its way into half-baked brownies, sundaes, milkshakes and ice-cream sandōwiches.

Written by Elizabeth Newton

Header Photo by Brooke Lark
Brooke Lark Photography



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