Cookies Of Cookies + Cream

You don’t have to walk far in Vancouver to see another beloved business owner boxing up their wares – rent hikes too extreme, condos coming, people shopping online, retirement dreams.

Hats off to those entrepreneurs who forge in with their new small business plans. We’ll stop when we can to buy local, and that’s how we discovered the delicious cookies at ‘Karen’s Dreamy Bakeshop.’

Located on that quirky strip of stores near King Ed on Macdonald Street, you’ll find Karen’s Dreamy Bakeshop north of Trudy’s Paw Palace, right next to the treasure-filled jumble of Antiques – which also changed hands this week – and two doors down from the Patty Shop.

Just opened this month, Karen’s has hike-sized Peanut Butter cookies with that right out of the oven soft chew. Also delicious are the chocolate-speckled Cookies and Cream cookies with a calming vanilla top note that takes us right back to monstrous childhood milkshakes – to way back when, before the lactose, and the intolerance.

If you can’t get to Karen’s, here are some visual Cookies and Cream recipes to try at home.




Header Photo: Clarissa Carbungco


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton