Daniel Nelson

1- i work as a woodworker/artist

2-i do this creative work because it makes my life that much more enjoyable to create things from my mind and bring them to life for others to enjoy.

3-personal qualities that help me in my work are being driven to strive further and further to push my self to new limits on the daily in creating my furniture.

4-the greatest challenges around doing this work are that i’m my worst critic when trying to come up with new ideas so i have to tell my self to relax at times haha

5-creative childhood hobbies i had were skateboarding that turned into being a pro after 20 years and i still do it to this day,skateboarding is amazing cause there is no coach and its up to you to make up new tricks and learn on your own.pretty sure i carried that with me when i started woodworking.

6-creators that inspire me are bob ross the late and great painter,nicola tesla,sam maloof,dick preneki,daniel day lewis.

7-my friend seb taught me how to build skateboard ramps back in the day but other then that im self taught no training.

8-biggest myth about this type of work is that most people think its easy when they see a photo of my furniture but when i take them to the shop and show them each step to bring something to life they are blown away.

9-if you want to work in my field, i suggest you make sure you have an imagination and you will dedicate every minute and hour to your creative side and don’t be afraid to fail because you will but that is the only way to push further into your creative side of your mind.

10-a goal i have is to get one of my pieces of work into a museum where people around the world can enjoy it.

11-if you want to see my work you can look on my all the links below, thanks for taking the time to read this.

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