Lethal Lemon Loaf

I am always conflicted by demo booths at the grocery store. On the one hand, the free food might be delicious. On the other hand, the free food might be alarming and I will still feel obligated to buy a package or two. The demo lady is nice, just doing her job and giving out coupons. Dining and dashing seems so cold.

The other day, I felt the usual conflict, but did see the word ‘lemon’ and noticed happy looking testers, some of whom were sneaking a second mini-slice. The demo product was To Die for Lemon Loaf and on tasting (and re-tasting), I was happy too. The lemon bite was not smothered by sweetness. The texture was not too pound-cake dense and the poppy seeds were too small to be tooth-hazardous. Most intriguing was the thinly shaved toasted coconut and light glaze on top – unexpected, but a full-rounded flavour that makes sense.

Two lemon loaf purchases later, I learned that the To Die for Lemon Loaf is the creation of CTV food reporter, Erin Ireland, and her To Die For Fine Foods.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.46.13 PM

With a strong interest in ethical food and baking, Ireland started her lemon loaf and banana bread business at home in Vancouver. As you’ll see above, she uses organic lemons, organic coconut and cage-free eggs.

Ireland writes on her itstodiefor website: ‘The main thing I believe most lemon loaves are missing is texture. Plain old cake texture just doesn’t do it for me. This new loaf needed something new and exciting. Some crunch. So I added classic poppy seeds and toasted organic millet. Not too much, just enough to add some oomph to each bite.’

We get our deadly lemon loaf at Choices, but it is available in cafe and grocery shops across the city. Here is Erin Ireland meeting local chefs, vintners and farmers in a video for Exploring BC Agriculture.


Written by Elizabeth Newton




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Elizabeth Newton