Desserts For Mum

Happy Day to all those who are celebrating being mothers and having mothers. And a peaceful day to those who are spending the day thinking of beloved mothers passed.

For those venturing into the kitchen to say it with homemade sweets, here are a few beautifully instructive videos.


Box Fancy

If you’re looking to jeuge up a box cake, try using some icing techniques from Vancouver baker extraordinaire: Lyndsay Sung, founder of Coco Cake Land. Her cake bases are all made from scratch, but it’s the thought/frosting that counts.




Here’s a recent CBC short on Lyndsay if you’re looking for more inspiration.



As a sweet-toothed Mum, I’ve been fêted with all sorts of wonderful desserts: ginger cakes with toffee sauce, chocolate lava cupcakes, homemade coffee ice cream, chocolate dipped cookie cups. One particular favourite: Pavlova. And who better to lead us through a recipe than the wonderful Mary Berry.

No Bake Truffles

We first discovered these when faced with no oven, no microwave, no outdoor fire pit, and no time to create trays of homemade goodies for a bake sale. Even those who like to measure ingredients to the millilitre can confidently experiment with cookie and chocolate flavours in no-bake truffles.

Here’s a No-Bake Birthday Cake Oreo Truffle tutorial from Gemma Stafford and Brandi Milloy.


Grand Marnier Cheesecake

For my Mum, it was all about the cheesecake. She would seem delighted at whatever youthful baking experiment I presented her. But, nothing brought out the happy clap and request for seconds like Grand Marnier cheesecake.

The recipe came from The Best of Bridge. Royal Treats for Entertaining, a book I unearthed from Mum’s kitchen shelves. Do excuse the splotched-up state of the recipe below. Neatness was never the highlight of my report cards.

We would delete the walnuts (blech) and replace the vanilla with liqueur – often Grand Marnier, but sometimes alternates like Baileys or the Jamaica-brewed Tia Maria.

Butter Tart Squares

And finally, in honour of my Mother-In-Law – one of those gifted bakers who can whip up cookies, cakes, squares, and crumbles in no time – Butter Tart Squares.

This tutorial comes to us via Canadian baker and Food Network host: Anna Olson.

Happy Mother’s Day to you and your families

Written by Elizabeth Newton

Header: Brooke Lark


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