Eastside Culture Crawl. Tiffany Blaise

The Annual Eastside Culture Crawl starts tomorrow – this weekend by appointment, November 18th to 21st with safety-compliant, open studios. Now in its incredible 25th year, this year’s Crawl features more than 400 artists over 60 buildings.

25th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl


We’re delighted to talk to one of the participating artists: Tiffany Blaise.

i. My Name: Tiffany Blaise

ii. I am a: Landscape Painter

iii. The name of this series of work: Changeful Dreams

iv. Why exhibit at The Culture Crawl?
The Culture Crawl is such a wonderful opportunity for artists to open their studio doors and connect with members of the community and other artists. I love meeting other art lovers and look forward to all of the great conversations, friendships and new collectors that come from this wonderful event.



v. Four key words you would use to describe the series: Romantic, mystical, dramatic, colourful

vi. What inspired this work?
This series of paintings was largely inspired by the mood and colours of autumn. I love the change of seasons and was inspired by the vibrant leaves and various textures in nature.  There is a mystical and romantic feel that is derived from combining many different images like a collage to create imagined landscapes

vii. What was it like to work on this series? A day in its life…
Working on this series was a real journey. The name “Changeful Dreams” really describes what it was like creating the various works, as the collection really did come together in a haphazard way, with many ideas and directions converging simultaneously like a stream of consciousness.  After creating the first four paintings I was able to get into the flow and embrace the themes and colours that were appearing to create a cohesive body of work



viii. Something that surprised you as you were working on this series:
I was surprised by how much fun I had painting trees!  Maybe this was a Bob Ross moment. This series ventures into forest landscapes with mountains. My imagery in the past mainly consisted of seascapes and waves so painting trees and foliage is new and exciting for me and something I will continue to explore and challenge myself with

ix. What’s next for you:
I’m working on a watercolour collection release for early December! This series titled “Near and Far” is inspired by landscapes across Canada.  In 2022, I hope to partake in a couple of art fairs, including the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair. I also would love to do an artist residency somewhere in the rocky mountains to get inspiration for future painting collections!

x. Anything to add?
Come visit me at the Eastside Culture Crawl November 18-21! 

View my new series “Changeful Dreams”

Check out my work on Instagram @tiffanyblaiseart



Header Photo: Peter F


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