Elaine Garrett @ The Crawl

i. My name is Elaine Garrett.  My company’s name is Canadian Hat Maker.

ii. I am a hat maker that specializes in making one of-a-kind custom hats.

iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl dates + location:
Studio 360 at 1000 Parker Street in Vancouver is where I am located.  I am super pleased to have my studio doors wide open for this year’s Eastside Culture Crawl Thursday 5-10 Friday 5-10 Saturday 11-6 and Sunday 11-6.  November 17th-20th


iv. The type of work I’ll be showing in the Crawl is:
I will have a large selection of ready-made straw, felt and leather hats to showcase the endless custom hat possibilities of crown height, crown shape and brim width that help to determine what style would best suit you. Made for you, by me.

v. I particularly enjoy being part of the Crawl because:
I totally enjoy being part of the Eastside Culture Crawl because I get to talk about hats with thousands of people throughout this four-day event.  Studio 360 is the ultimate venue for visitors eager to share their fond hat memories whether it cultural significance, stories of loss and destruction, or heartfelt sentimentality.

vi. Something I learned about myself in creating this work is:
I listen intensely to client’s headwear concerns in order to create the right and perfect hat that will be a true expression of their style and individuality.



vii. One highlight of my career from over the last few years has been:
I have been blessed with a wide range of headwear commissions for; the Lieutenant Governor, religious regalia, military, horse races, historical reenactments, film and occupational hats as well as everyday street wear.

viii. After this show, I’m looking forward to:
After this show, I will be busy creating the unique custom hats that will be commissioned during the show as well as I will be focused on making a collection of hats to be featured at an art exhibition in the spring.


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