Evening, Kits Beach

If you are looking for a Very Vancouver summer evening…

1. Join your dog on a walk from the Planetarium to the Kits Beach walkway.

Kits 2


2. Find a sun-blessed bench where your pooch and your slightly lazier friend can take a rest, while you decide on which beach sport to try. Will you wait for a free tennis court? Work your way into one of those intense basketball games? Or will it be:

a) volleyball?



b) paddling?



c) swimming?



d) yoga?

the yoga


3. Once the exertion is over, grab some fat fries at the concession stand. You earned it.

4. Then, if it’s a sunny 7 pm on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday, bring the dog and the well-rested friend down to the Kitsilano Showboat for a free concert. Now in their 81st season, Showboat 2016 will be hosting big bands, small combos, dancers and soloists. Tonight, for the opening, the Vancouver Concert Band was on show.

showboat ashowboat b

Happy Vancouver evening 🙂

Written by Elizabeth Newton




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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton