Ewan McNeil

Whether you’re looking for a beauty shot in your work day or an art exhibit that won’t stretch your ailing wallet, the Pendulum Gallery has mounted another free show: New Paintings by Ewan McNeil.

Traditionally, McNeil has painted in black and white, playing with core architectural shapes. But “over the past year or so,” he says, “I have been looking to push my paintings into a number of new directions. I wanted to use colour in a conceptual way.”

Edi Flats Abstraction. 2016


Beaver Creek. 2016

Ramp Abstractions. 2016

“Mine is an instinctual approach,” McNeil explains. “I know what I want but I still need to see it on the canvas, in relation to the content of the work and the relationship of the colours to the overall composition.”

McNeil’s show is on at the Pendulum Gallery until June the 10th.

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Header image: Blast (Orange) 2016


Secret Selfie Garden Maze With Strings


Corner Market Peonies

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton