Faith Ringgold @ The New Museum

Remarkable artist Faith Ringgold, born 1930 in Harlem, has been enjoying a well-earned resurgence of attention over the pandemic.

Her work depicts both hope and the harsh realities of life. Now 91 years old, Ringgold is content with the body of work she has so far put out into the world. As she told the Guardian in March of 2021: ‘Make your art what you want it to be. And I did that. So all my work is there – I don’t have anything waiting in the corner that I’d like to show…No, I think I’ve got it all out there.”

In a conversation this month with Interview Magazine, Ringgold adds: “Normally I did go to my studio every day, before this combination of problems—the world falling into a hole, and mourning my husband. Before all this I used to get up every morning at six o’clock and go upstairs. It will come back again, but I can’t paint if I’m not inspired. But I sometimes think I’ve already done so much work that it doesn’t matter.”

Ringgold ends the interview saying: “I feel like my life is still ahead of me, and that I have a lot more to live”.

Right now, New York’s New Museum is mounting a three floor retrospective of Ringgold’s work: ‘Faith Ringgold: American People’. You’ll see her visually and politically striking paintings, quilts…


Faith Ringgold, Woman on a Bridge #1 of 5: Tar Beach. 1988

Faith Ringgold: American People


Online, you can watch an in-depth exploration of Ringgold and her work at MOMA’s Virtual exhibit:



Faith Ringgold’s Website


Header Artwork:
Faith Ringgold. New York Is Book Country. 1992

#2 – Quilt
Faith Ringgold, Woman on a Bridge #1 of 5: Tar Beach, 1988. 


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