For The Love Of Dumplings

“As long as you wrap the thing and make it watertight then it doesn’t really matter what shape you make it.” So says Michelin-starred, London chef Andrew Wong about the making of dumplings. “”Enjoy the process. Enjoy monotony! It’s a skill that you can take away with you forever, if you wish to use it.”

These wonderful ‘small masses of dough cooked by boiling or steaming’ – as Merriam Webster describes them – come in myriad shapes and global flavours. If you want to try making dumplings yourself, you can enrol in the October 20th Vancouver-based cooking class: ‘Catching Fillings – For The Love Of Dumplings’. Run by Chefs Karima Chellouf, Matthew Murtagh-Wu, and Trixie Ling, this Dumplings class is part of  Growing Chefs ‘Farm to Forks’ program.


Ukdiche Modak – Ganesh Chaturthi. Prachi Palwe


Running since 2005, Farm to Forks is focused on raising ‘ $65,000 for edible education programming and initiatives throughout the 2021/2022 school year.’ The Dumplings Class is one of several Farm to Forks events this year. Organizers explain that for $75, you can pick up partial ingredients and beverages to take you through the dumpling class on Zoom. Or, for $20, you can just watch the Zoom presentation with your own supplies.

To learn more: here is the Farm to Forks 2021 Events Page.

Farm to Forks 2021

Chef Andrew Wong’s Website.

To get your shape-making fingers ready for dumplings class, here’s a video from The Dumpling Sisters on how to make Traditional Potsticker Dumplings.




Header: Prachi Palwe


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