The Last SFM

i. I am Frances Dickinson: a textiles designer specializing in felt and dyeing.

ii. On a ‘typical’ day, you’ll find me:
Ideally, going for a run, perfecting my garden, heading to the studio to get my hands on some fabrics and playing with colour.

iii. The name of our upcoming show is: 
The Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show (shiny jewellery, fuzzy textiles and muddy ceramics is where the name came from!)

Frances Dickinson @ Frances Felt

iv. We have been running this show for: 17 years! This will be our 20th show.

v. In describing the show in 3 sentences or less, I’d say: 
A curated show of the best, most talented artists and makers this region has to offer. We support professional artists who are dedicated to their craft and aim to serve the discerning shopper and collector who craves meaningful consumption.

Sml Glassworks

We are Stories

vi. One challenge in developing/running this show was: 
It has become harder to find our shopping customer as the show season is flooded with other craft shows. People’s attentions have become divided.

vii. This is our last of these shows because:
The show has always been run by artists. We’ve always just wanted a great show to sell our work at, to be amongst other creative professionals that inspire and challenge us, and to give the shopper a show experience where they love every single vendor. We have done that for 17 years but now the founding artists are making room for other ventures in their life.

viii. When you come to the show, you’ll see: 
Quality work and art made by people who have spent years perfecting their craft. Each maker’s work is a thing of well crafted beauty!

Only Child Handicrafts

Zed Handmade

ix. Knowing that this is the last SFM, I feel: 
Bittersweet. I am so proud of the show we created. So happy for all the artists that have showed with us year after year, so proud to be a part of that community. But I personally, at this time in my life, just need to move on from organizing craft shows.

x. After this show, I’m looking forward to:
Opening up my studio to offer year round textile workshops in Pemberton BC.  I want to give people a chance to play with fabrics, materials and dyes and do something new and different in a beautiful part of the world.

The Last Shiny Fuzzy Muddy – Dec 14 + 15



Dina Lu


Deep, Dark Chocolate Fudge

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton