Gordon Smith

“I paint everyday. I paint for about six hours everyday: Sunday, Christmas, everyday.”

Renowned Canadian painter Gordon Smith is not only still working, he is experimenting with new techniques and re-inventing genres. “It’s just a way of life; it’s not work. I dream about my painting, I think about them. It’s not just the actual painting. It’s about thinking about it.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful, regardless of field, if more of us could feel this invigorated by our work?

Filmmaker Ryan Willms captures the spirit of the inspiring painter in Nowness: At Home with Gordon Smith. You’ll note that Smith lives in a modernist home designed by another remarkable Canadian: architect Arthur Erickson.

Gordon Smith’s work – such as West Vancouver Pond, created in 2016 and featured in our header image – is presented through the Equinox Gallery.

Gordon Smith @ Equinox Gallery

“I learned from all these people,” Smith says about his Canadian artist peers and art school teachers like Bert Binning and Jack Shadbolt. “I stood on the shoulders of giants. I really did.”

Written by Elizabeth Newton




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Elizabeth Newton