Hope Forstenzer @ The Crawl

i. My Name: Hope Forstenzer.

ii. I am a Glass artist

iii. My Eastside Culture Crawl location:
Terminal City Glass Co-op, 1191 Parker Street (The Mergatroid Building)



iv. The type of work I’ll be showing in the Crawl is:
Glass wall clocks, small lights, vases, christmas tree ornaments

v. I particularly enjoy being part of the Crawl because:
All of us at Terminal City love having people come visit us and watch us work. Our members will be doing live glassblowing demonstrations throughout the Crawl.

vi. Something I learned about myself in creating this work is:
I learned that I can learn to be smarter about process, and that being smarter about process will make me a better artist.



vii. One highlight of my career from over the last few years has been:
Working with the Craft Council of British Columbia on Dance:Craft, created by Joe INK Dance, who choreographed a dance work using pieces made by five Craft Council artists – myself, Deborah Dumka, Debra Sloan, Patrick Christie, and Stephanie Dueck.

viii. After this show, I’m looking forward to:
A good rest and embarking on new works in 2023.

ix. Anything to add: Thanks for letting me be part of this!

Eastside Culture Crawl
Photo Credits:
• Header. Seussian Vases – Photo by Denise Relke
• Omen – hot sculpted and fused glass on metal stand – photo by Byron Dauncey
• Breaking/Rebirth – blown, sandcarved and photosensitive glass – photo by Denise Relke (currently on display at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery in Waterloo, ON)
• Blown glass wall clock – Photo by Hope Forstenzer

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