Hot Chocolate Festival ’19

Need to get out of the house and warm your innards?

The Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival offers a fun date option and a more liver-friendly type of drink crawl. It is also a fundraiser for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Job Training Program, Growing Chefs, and Fresh To Families, which connects families in need with fresh food from 80 local farmers.

From January 19th until Valentine’s Day, eateries across the city are serving up their unique takes on hot chocolate. It is 30 artisanal chocolate creators serving 74 flavours of hot chocolate over 27 days.

If you’re planning on going, do check dates and places before venturing out, as offerings vary by day and some participants are only involved for certain dates of the Festival.

The 2019 hot chocolate offerings include:

Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionary
The Big Smoke
Callebaut dark chocolate infused with smoky oak and served with a Salted Maple Bacon Truffle.

Bjorn Bar Bakery
The Salty C
It’s salted caramel white chocolate served with a chunk of dark chocolate bark and sprinkled with Fleur de Sel.

Beaucoup Bakery
Hazel and Marie 
A Hazelnut Praline Macaron comes with the Hazelnut Rosemary Hot Chocolate. 

Cartems Donuts
Midnight Spice
Choose any donut in the case to go with the Dark chocolate melted into almond milk, organic cayenne, cinnamon and garnished with spices and slivered almonds.


Sigmar Polke. Chocolate Painting. 1964

Diva At The Met
Gimme S’more Smores
Smoked marshmallow cream on top of Belcolade 55% dark chocolate. Dip into it with a Graham Cracker baton.

Earnest Ice Cream
Sweet & Salty
Now it’s time for some salty pretzels and sweet caramel with whipped cream and pretzel topping. A house-made Blondie bar will round out the offering.

Gem Chocolates
Black Lavender
The hot chocolate here is infused with French lavender and blended with blackberry. On the side? A house-made Lavender and Blackberry Chocolate.

Eternal Abundance Organic Market & Cafe
Merry Berry Chocolate
A vegan offering with fair trade premium cacao, local raspberries served with house-made Raspberry Cheesecake.

Here is a look at some of the chocolate deliciousness from last year.

On the Festival site’s website below you’ll find a Walking Map you can print up and take with you on your hot chocolate adventures.

Hot Chocolate Festival 2019

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Header: Jean-Baptiste Charpentier. La Tasse de Chocolat. 1768 



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