Hot Chocolate Festival ’22

Need to get out of the house and warm your innards?

The Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, now in its 12th year, offers a delicious way to support local entrepreneurs, many of whom have had a tough past two years. It is also a fundraiser for Growing Chefs – which teaches kids about healthy, home-grown foods, and Fresh To Families – which connects families in need with fresh food from 80 local farmers.

From January 15th until Valentine’s Day, eateries across the city are brewing their own unique hot chocolate recipes. In the space of a month, you’ll find 44 artisanal chocolate creators serving 106 flavours of this classic winter drink. Many are specifically designed for take-out.

If you’re planning on going, do check dates and places before venturing out, as offerings vary by day and some participants are only involved for certain dates of the Festival.

See below for 10 yummy options from this year’s Festival. You’ll note that many come with treats served on the side.


i. Mariah Cherry @ PICA – Blue Hat Bakery-Café
Break out your whistle register for Amarena cherries, Kirsch, and 69% Or Noir dark chocolate. But they’re not finished. It’s topped with whipping cream and sprinkles. + A dark chocolate shortbread cookies shaped like a heart.

ii. Black Eastern Storm @ Broyé Cafe & Bakery
Vietnamese coffee meets Callebaut Dark hot chocolate. + A Vietnamese Coffee Mochi Melonpan.

iii. Rendezvous At The Ballet @ Mon Paris Patisserie
34% caramel hot chocolate, tinged with citrus, and topped with rainbow marshmallow flakes. + A Caramel Popcorn cluster.

iv. Birthday Cake @ Butter Baked Goods
Here’s some white hot chocolate crowned with whipping cream and sprinkles.

v. Formula Piccante @ Super Veloce
Dark chocolate with cayenne and other peppers. + A protein brownie.


Jean-Baptiste Charpentier. La Tasse de Chocolat. 1768 


vi. Marie Antoinette @ Ladurée
Marie Antoinette tea (Chinese black tea, citrus fruits, rose petals) infuses Valrhona dark chocolate. This is topped by Chantilly cream and candied lemon. + A Marie Antoinette macaron.

vii. Hopped Up Jalapeño With A Twist @ Gem Chocolates
Chocolate meets lime and chili. + A Lime Sugar Cookie from Sweet E’s.

viii. Knotty By Nature @ Say Hello Sweets + Living Lotus Chocolate
Five spice chocolate ice cream with cookie dough, coco whip, pretzel bites, sprinkles, and a freeze-dried marshmallow. + A full-sized soft pretzel.

ix. Salted Miso Hot Chocolate @ Artigiano
Salted chocolate syrup, miso powder, caramel sugar, Callebaut pearls, Vancouver Island salt. + A salted dark chocolate chip cookie.

x. Vegan Coco @ La Glace
Vegan coconut pandan ice cream in Valhrona hot cocoa, made with oat milk. Topped with toasted sweet coconut. + A vegan meringue kiss.


On the Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival website below, you’ll find a Walking Map you can print up and take with you on your hot chocolate adventures.

Hot Chocolate Festival 2022 Website


Header: Juan Gris. Le Petit Déjeuner. 1914



Strung With Poet Sinews


Isata Kanneh-Mason

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton