Beatrix Shuttleworth

Here, at Creators Vancouver, we spend much of the time in our city, looking for cool people making cool things. But, when the travel bug bites, we need to explore the creative offerings in other towns.

When you glimpse Beatrix Shuttleworth’s picture at the bottom of an article, it means that we are looking for creative people, places and food outside of Vancouver. The intrepid Beatrix encourages us to seek out the unusual.

If you recognize the Shuttleworth style, it is because we commissioned Dianna Bonder – profiled this week  – to paint our Beatrix. “She seemed like this world traveller,” says Bonder. “There is a slight defiance to her.”


drawing on table


Where will Beatrix take us next?

Written by Elizabeth Newton


Dianna Bonder


View from the Viaduct

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton