Day Out

Itinerant Brownies

How satisfying  to pull apart a warm brownie and breathe in that deep, gooey, chocolate deliciousness. Thanks to The Brownie Bakers, you can now do so while you’re out and about the city.

This mother: Lily Kwok and daughter: Kelly Chau venture burgeoned after Chau was laid off from her Toronto job and moved to Vancouver, where Kwok had previously owned a bakery. The Brownie Bakers morphed from a yummy Instagram account, to a full-on mobile brownie and coffee snackery and catering company.

The pastel pink truck offers a rotating range of handmade brownie flavours that include: Double Chocolate, Bailey’s Hot Chocolate, Oreo, Chocolate Sea Salt, Cheesecake Swirl, PB Crunch… 💓💓💓

You can find their weekly schedule on their website, or by following their Instagram..


The Brownie Bakers Website





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