Jamie Evrard ’19

Of Innocence and Experience. Jamie Evrard has a wonderful new show starting June 1st at the Bau-Xi Vancouver. We asked the talented artist to tell us about the intriguing title of her new exhibition: Of Innocence and Experience.

“I never know.  It’s always risky to go into the studio,” Evrard says. “Maybe that’s why I go there.  Maybe that’s why I wait until so late in the day to start work.  Do I actually enjoy being scared? ”


“Sometimes the only way out of a problem and the biggest thrill is painting over an unsatisfactory painting,” Evrard continues, “turning it upside down at five o’clock in the afternoon and having my way with it with very large brushes in a frenzy of anguish and joy. A double whammy—destruction and creation all at once. Obliterating the old, hoping to find something new, and to stop in time to let something old show through. A song of experience.”

“As the days get longer, I go into the studio a bit surer of what I want. Think more, paint less. On the best days I trust my intuition and put down directly what I want to say in one coat. Innocence. Those days are rare.”

Peonies in Blue

White Roses Falling

Metamorphosis III

Haunted Heart


The Opening Reception is at 3045 Granville Street: Saturday, June 1, 2019, 2-4 PM. Evrard will be in Attendance. Of Innocence and Experience runs until June 15th.

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