Javiera da Fonseca

From March 8th to April 22nd, Chilean artist Javiera da Fonseca’s show AURA (A Mexican Experience) is running at Back Gallery Project at 602 East Hastings Street.

Da Fonseca’s striking new work has been attracting international interest. Naturally, we had questions!

How did you come to be living in Mexico?

“I visited Mexico for the first time when I was 15 years old with my family. I had brothers who lived in Mexico City and that kept me going back over and over. I discovered the culture and a very international art scene that fascinated me. After attending art school in Chile and working as painter in Santiago for over 10 years, I came up to the conclusion that I  needed new experiences as person and as an artist and Mexico was a place that although familiar to me was still in many ways new and fresh.”

 How does living in Mexico inspire your painting?

“Mexico has a privileged place in the world, its crossed by the Tropic of Cancer and that implies a particular relation to nature, energy and mysticism that has captivated my art work research.  The colours of the sunset, the colours of the city, the humidity and light that casts a particular glow over the landscape is a constant source of inspiration. I have also started to research more in depth the works by Mexican architects like Mathias Goeritz, Luis Barragan and Juan O’Gorman whose works mixed materiality, form and functionality in a superb way.”
We asked da Fonseca to tell us whatever words came into her head to describe her paintings below.
“Invigorating sunrise in Zipoli
“Functional architecture by the beach in Acapulco.”
“The perfect mixture of nature and architecture at El Pedregal, Mexico City.”
“The moment when night time takes over.”
Written by Elizabeth Newton
Header Image: Plaza de Mexico. 2016
“Mysterious atmosphere in a public space.”

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Elizabeth Newton