Jessica Redditt

i. I work as a:
Natural and Eco friendly Clothing Designer

Side gig: buyer for film sets and costumes.

ii. I do this creative work because:
I want to encourage responsible fashion in the industry and provide a stylish alternative to harmful and wasteful production, re: natural fibres, dyes, and reclaimed textiles.

iii. Personal qualities that help me in my work are:
• Love for nature and the planet and wanting to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

• Desire to create without making waste, encouraging re-use and recycle

• Open to new experiences and experimenting with different subjects and mediums

• I like to take risks


iv. The greatest challenges around doing this work are:
Expense and waste. Making clothing these days is so competitive and pricing plays a big part in how we succeed. When making quality, local, and eco friendly garments, costs can escalate fast.

It takes a lot of time and lots of problem solving to find the best way to manufacture garments sustainably. I’m continuously revisiting how to do things better, and starting over.

v. Creative childhood hobbies:
• Listening to records while crafting and drawing

• Running a tea house in my parents’ basement

• Making jewelry

• Making mini skirts with vintage fabric finds and screen printing character tee shirts to sell at school

• Photo shoots with friends

vi. Other creators who inspire you:
The late Alexander McQueen. Gaudi.


vii. Training that has helped me succeed in this career:
Running my own clothing shop for 10 years. Learning hands on and constantly learning from my mistakes. Producing garments overseas.

viii. A common trap that can hurt people in this career:
Not finding your niche customer/ catering to their needs. Borrowing too much money and going into debt.

ix. Some proud career moments:
An article in Fashion Magazine (Canada). Yay Canadian press!

Connecting with creative talent and collaborating in shows, photo shoots, fashion shows, markets.


x. If you want to work in my field, I suggest that you:
Are prepared to work for many years, with little income.

Be ready to learn from others, share with others, volunteer and collaborate. 

xi. A professional goal I have for the future:
To work full time for my company and be self sustained as an eco fashion company.

xii. If you want to see my work, go to:

Jessica Redditt on set of the In Bloom launch video with model Meg Sayle~

I’ll be selling the collection in person at First Pick Handmade Market, Heritage Hall, on Sept 15 & 16

I also curate vintage and fun one of a kinds at my Etsy shop:

Models: Jane Ball – Lead. Meg Sayle – Article
Makeup: Nikki Strachan
Lead Photo: Kiran Kaur
Article Photos: Rebecca Amber




Vancouver Pride Parade


Summer @ MOCA

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton