Joshua Jensen-Nagle +

i. I am a: Contemporary artist, with a primary focus in photography.

ii. The name of my current show is: 5 Years of Me.

iii. In describing the show in 3 sentences or less, I’d say:
The exhibition explores select images from 3 bodies of work photographed since 2014.  I use photography as a medium to create, rather than document, allowing the viewer to bring their own associations to the images.  My photographs are often described as dream-like and evocative, as I attempt to draw the viewer into the work and experience the feeling they have to offer.

Off In My Dream

Garden Party

iv. When you come to the show, you’ll see:
A variety of images from 3 bodies of work: ENDLESS SUMMER, an ongoing series of beachscapes, DREAMS & JOURNEYS, a series of travellers and locals interacting with and experiencing iconic places, and my most recent series, PIECES OF YOU, which explores small sections of other artists work close-up, taking them out of their original context and glorifying their details.  As an artist, I am inspired by others who have put their ideas, unique perspective and emotions into their work and out into the world. This most recent body of work attempts to capture the intimate connection I feel to these artists when I experience their work and find inspiration in them.

v. My inspiration for this show comes from:
Everything! Everywhere I’ve been and everything I’ve experienced in life.

Here With You

Sunbathers of Cefalu

vi. One challenge in developing this show was:

Having the gallery curate 3 different series of different imagery.

vii. My past work includes:
Photography, including Polaroids, and experimental mixed media.

No Limits

The Mountains And Me

viii. Putting a new show out into the world feels like: 

ix. After this show, I’m looking forward to:
The next one.

The Heart Of Venice

JJN. 5 Years of Me @ The Bau-Xi

Header: All In A  Dream.


Gulf Island Boat Life


Community Gardens

Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton