Land Of Giant Letters

On the Streets of Sesame, giant letters pop up in the most unusual of places.  Upper case D and lower case d are headed out for a song-filled canoe ride. A 1970’s R is hoisted awkwardly up onto the top of a New York hotel. Big K and Little k are spinning eratically around the park. And a young Billy Crystal is thrown clear sideways by a U that just up and landed in the basketball court. It’s unbelievable.

If Big Bird and the gang are looking for a sister city, Vancouver should be well in the running. We have giant Letters of the Day throughout: from the W of Woodward’s past to the two-faced letters encircling BC Place.

big bird and grover

Downtown, the letter g  – ‘the yellow g marks the spot at giovane cafe + eatery’  –  is now instagram-central, with heads squished into the top of the Trade Gothic lower case and feet poking through the bottom. And G, of course, is for Grover. That’s Good enough for me.




Kelsey Adair


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Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton