Le Marché St. George

When you talk to local creators about where they have sold their wares or where they like to hang out, it’s amazing how many mention Le Marché St. George. This is an utterly unique café and general store and it is located in the middle of a residential neighbourhood at East 28th and St. George.

This lively hub has a Parisian flair, with interesting local gifts and foods in every cranny.

marche side view

Melissa Cartwright from Mellifera Bees, whom we interviewed recently, mans some hives on the top of the Marché garage roof. Fittingly, the bees spiced up last Mother’s Day, when the Queen escaped the garage roof and her colony followed her to a neighbouring cherry tree branch. With great care and skill, the bee team lured the Queen and her worker bees back to the hives.


Inside Le Marché St. George, you will find Mellifera honey. You might also see a beautiful blue bottle of smoked arbeguino oil with fairy tale writing. We discovered that said olive oil is particularly delicious with spinach, goat cheese, roasted dates and garlic.

arbeguino oil

In the St Marché fridge, you can reach in for easy-pull strings attached to artisan sausages from D-Original Sausage, fifth generation sausage makers on Main Street. Master sausage maker Drews Driessen was born in Germany and runs the company with his wife and son. Their flavours include Chorizo Dulce with its mild sweet paprika, the Slovenian Kulen with its own mixed paprikas and garlic and the Calabrese pork salami and its sun-drenched spices, dark red wine, hot garlic and even hotter peppers.

You might also be tempted by a selection of Farmhouse Cheese, including their clothbound cheddar. Farmhouse, which is located in Agassiz, is one of the rare Canadian cheesemakers who binds their traditionally-made cheddar in cloth. The result is a deep and unique flavour.

Written by Elizabeth Newton



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